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Help Me!!! New Kitten Problem!!!

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Well we recently got a new kitten... She is absolutely gorgeous!! A moggie..
She;s pure white with a black patch across on eye and a black tail and a black patch on her hip...

Well, the problem is that she is VERY unfriendly...

Shes about 13 weeks old. She stays outside during the day in a VERY secure backyard and sleep in the garage at night.
But the problem is, that of a morning when we go to put her outside, she wont come out of the garage and it takes AGES to catch her! Then when she is finally out, she doesnt want to come in at night... And again it takes ages to catch her.
When we pick her up, she scratches and claws and miows and tries to run away.
She WILL NOT sit still for my parents OR my brother, but will curl up with me on the couch. (noone besides me has ever gotten her to sit still!!)
But i can tell she doesnt like playing with me. And when she is by herself, she will be comfortable to sit by herself, but not with us?

Does anyone have any ideas of what we could do to stop her being agressive towards us and make her more friendly.
I dont want to have to rehome her as we love her, and we love and care for our animals. We have 3 cats, 1 dog and 4 horses... They are all well cared for, but every single one of them BESIDES this kitten (named Missy Moo) appreciates the care.

thank you for any help anyone can give, as my dad is starting to get fed up!!!
thanks again
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She is way to young to be by herself outside and in the garage. If you want her to bond with you, bring her inside your home especially during this time of year which is kitten season. She isn't old enough yet to get pregnant, but that is coming. She could get injured though if she gets in between the outside mating rituals going on now.

You can't expect her to bond with you when she is lving outside and then sleeps in the garage unless you sleep out there with her?
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oh ok...
shes been in all the time until this week...
ill have to bring her in then!
I just thought it would be ok, seeing as we've done it with 6 of our other cats and they were purrrfect!!
she is currently with us from 8:00am to 9:00am and 3:30pm to 6:00pm. (not in our laps but playing inside as well)

any other info is appreciated guys!
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Take to heart anything that hissy tells you. She knows all about kitties, and just to brag on her a bit since she won't do it herself, also a published author on kitty subjects. Good luck on socializing your kitty. She may just be of different temperament than your others, cats are as different as people.
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You didn't say where she came from, but it could be the kitten had little socialization with people. So you need to keep her inside and really take the time to socialize her and play with her. Also have her spayed - that will help her temperment.

I know that 13 week old kittens have more important things to do (like play, run, etc.) but really sounds like a lack of socialization in the early weeks.
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Ok, well I've brought her back inside. Thank you all!!
krazykat2, thank you, at least now i know that hissy wasnt just someone who thinks they know it all!! (ive had some tough ones on another forum!!)

Thank you hissy!!

GoldenKitty45, she came from a ragdoll... MY ragdoll!!! lol, Lilly escaped!! She is booked in to be spayed next week!!
She has definately been socialised well. She used to sleep on the end of our beds with her mum!! She sat on our shoulders whilst on the couch and followed us around like a bad smell!!! lol!
But she just changed... And it isnt just baby kitten behavior as we have had numerous litters over the years... So yeah, maybe shes just an individual with a cranky attitude!!

Oh well, ill just stick to everything you say!!

Thank you all!!
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Try to cuddle her and hold her a lot. Cats that lash out are usually scared and maybe she needs to help to trust.
More time with you will certainly help. Treats couldn't hurt either.
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why were you keeping her outside and not in your house? Do your other cats live outside too?
Everyone is right. Your cat will never bond with your or your family if she's stuck outside or in a garage all the time. That's how feral cats become feral, from no human contact.
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yeh I know now.

Our other cats go outside when we are at work and school. So she automatically went out with them when she reached 12 weeks old.
We've since bought all the cats in.

Our other 2 cats have been outside all their lives (exept for when they come in for bed times and cuddles) and are perfect. Come running to their name and rub all over us. Play with us and dont just walk away.

oh well.
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Keep her inside and play with her. Mylar "scrunchi" balls and those crazy wheels. I have yet to find a kitten or cat that couldn't resist. Start by playing by yourself and then when she starts playing with you talk soothing and bat them back and forth. Don't try to pet her or pick her up during these play times. You will find that kittens love to play and will usually get closer and closer to you once they trust that you won't grab at them. Also, have her checked by a vet. She could have a bad tooth or some other problem that is irritating her. I had a kitten that had a complete personality change like that, and it turned out that one of her baby teeth had gotten stuck between two adult teeth and was constantly bothering her. She will find her way back to you, but it will take time. Consistant reactions and love from you is the key.
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