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Ok is brownish/red discharge ok????

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I am thinking it is the plug or begining stages of labor. and I think she definately wants someone in there with her...... I checked while I was cooking dinner and that is when I noticed it and it was a decent amt. went back in after dinner and she was laying down and I didn't see anything. after being in there with her for a few there was more, she cleaned that but then more was there instantly. it isn't dripping out or anything seems thick like I remember my plug from my kids. LOL She kept going in the box then would come up on my bed etc. my oldest is in there with her right now (she is 16) and once I get the little ones down to bed I will spend the night in there with her. I have to work at 3am so may be on my lap top in bed PRAYING I don't wake my hubby up. LOL
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Sounds like the Plug to me.
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how long should I expect from now???? I haven't seen any TRUE contractions yet........
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Sometimes they can have a discharge for a week. Meeko just had it for a day before she had Yoshi. Coco did the same thing.
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Sounds about right from what I remember with my girls - she should have them within hours
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well she is day 68 today so I don't see it being weeks. LOL but hoping by tomorrow.
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Should be soon! My cat, Pennie, lost her plug just before the first baby was born, of course, all cats are different!
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My kitty Sophie lost her mucus plug about 5 minutes before delivering. It could be any time watch her closely.
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watching and watching and watching....... LOL still haven't "seen" a contraction. my daughter thought she did and said she jumped down on the floor a couple times and growled for no reason. I was in there for a while and she didn't do it but kept meowing and going in the box and back up to the bed etc.

Then finally she went down and growled for now reason...... then more of the same patter with up down in out purring, loving, licking etc. no more growling then about 40 min later she went down and growled again (my daughter didn't look at the clock so not sure if the others were about that far..... so wondering if she is having a contraction when she growls. But she jumps down off my bed and stands almost under the little lip of it. (it is a water bed so has a solid frame so she can't get under but has a little overhang so I can't see her well..........

so now will be watching to see if she does it again in about 10 more min. but she is now laying down pretty quiet unless someone comes in the room then she gets up and starts meowing again. but then settles back down.

But she was flexing her paw so all her toes were spread wide apart for a while too then she would flex them in to knead but she was on my bed then and I didn't see any contractions then.......

so hoping by sometime tomorrow (which is my hubby's b-day) she has them. if she doesn't by tomorrow late afternoon I will call my vets to see what they want to do. But so far no straining or anything and the discharge seems to have slowed a bit........ She is going to drive me crazy!!!!!!!
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Does she have a box to go to? If not make her one fast or she will end up having them on or under your bed.
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well it is now 2:40am and nothing. I had to wake up to work and she was sleeping soundly on my legs. checked as well as I could and didn't even see any discharge......

She was meowing and wouldn't lay down for more than 10 seconds from the time I noticed the discharge around 7pm until about 10:30 ish then just laid down and went to bed. I never saw any contractions but like I said she growled the times my daughter heard and the 2 times that I did (40 min apart) and never did it again....

Hopefully she has them today. how long should I give after seeing the discharge to call the vets? I know someone said that it can go on for a week..... she is day 69 since I saw her mating and 70 since her first day out..... so dont' see that going on for a week...... and I still felt the kittens move this morning.

She has 2 boxes. one she kept going in last night but was also on my bed (which I put an old comforter on JIC she had them up there since that is where she had always laid) so I made another one to put on my bed in case she wanted that but she didn't go in that one so I put it at the foot of my bed. And I have a water bed so it has a solid base under it so she can't have them under my bed. and there are no places for her to go since we have the smallest room in the house so the bed takes up almost the whole thing and the closet door is shut....
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She should go anytime since she is 69 days. It will not be a week when she is this far along.
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I sure hope so!!!!!!! I haven't slept that great since Thurs night! if not before. LOL been worrying and waiting. before I picked up the early morning shift I had said that I was done and was GOING to sleep tonight and not worry. well then she went and did all that so then couldn't get to sleep! UGH.

She better have them today as I need some sleep! between waiting to hear about my new puppy and being excited about that a week ago and then waiting for her to have kittens from Thurs on I am going to drop from lack of good sleep. hahaaa.
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I am very tired. I was at the Er Vet until 3am last night. When Coco had Kittens she had sometime between 2-6 Am. It was on Moving day so she had to stay at my Dads. Waiting is the hardest. I didnt get to see them born because Cats were not allowed where I lived. Then Meeko had when I was at work aroun 8am but her labor started the night before. Post pics when she has Kittens. Coco did have a problem. We thought she was done with three Kittens but 12 Hours latter she had two dead Male Calicos. One had a deforme Paw.
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I will post pictures. I went back to bed just after 4 and she was back to running around meowing and off and on since then. but there are times that she will just lay down and be quiet. still haven't seen a contraction....... Every now and then she tries to get out of my room so hope she isn't holding out since she isn't comfy in there. she LOVES to go in my room (and we always keep the door closed so the times she came in she was shut in there) and has been in there non stop for about a week and for a few days before that she was allowed out here and there so not like it is "new" to her......

Worried she won't go during the day though since i have a 5 and 3 yr old running around being loud as much as I try to keep them quiet. they are in my room right now so I am going to have to kick them out. she does love them but not sure if she will go into labor with the commotion......
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If she doesn't have them within the next 24 hours and youare SURE it's 69 days then I would recommend visiting the vet. She may need some oxytocin jabs to move her along.
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Abymummy---- so 24 hrs from today or from when I first saw the brownish/reddish discharge. I figured if she didn't have them by tomorrow which is 70 days I would call and see what they say........

I cought her mating when she snuck out and my kids said she was back in our yard and that was on March 13th so 69 days ago. the only other day she got out was the 12th which was 70 days ago..... so I am sure she is that far along.

Still not much. thought I saw a couple ctx about 7 min apart but only those 2 then I didn't see anymore. GRRRRRRRRR not sure what she is donig but I am sooooo ready to just head out for the day until bedtime and hope they are here when I get home. LOL I am just driving myself crazy wondering and watching. LOL but no I won't leave her all day. I do have to head out in a couple hours to pick up my oldest then work in about 4 hrs (for an hour and from home), then my daughter has an appt tonight but other than that I am home all day to go crazy and watch. LOL
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Whatever day 70 would be - that's the day you get to the vet.

Just a suggestion, your stress on waiting may have made her stressed. Stop watching her! Some cats just don't want mommy's help. Leave her alone in her nesting place - make sure it's warm, dark, secure, not too noisy and not too large a space. Go away for a few hours. My cats don't really need me around to watch them give birth but after it's all nearly done they want me there...just to show off!

I've only had one stressful delivery since I started breeding and really, that was a noob breeder's fault, me that is. She really wanted me there then since she knew that something was very wrong. This was the litter that produce my Grand Premier Masmera Puteri Ayu. Otherwise, I never waited on any of my queens' birth - they made a huge racket after giving birth as if to say, "all done you can come visit now!"
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she is in my room which is fairly small and if I go in there she is all over me meowing and rubbing up against me which is why I figured she wanted me there. I have left her alone for periods of time and she just lays down and sleeps...... Yesterday when I saw the discharge I left her alone while I finished making dinner and ate (so about 45 min) went in to check again for a few and there wasn't any discharge and she was all over me meowing up a storm and in and out of the box etc. then I saw more discharge. I was with her last night as she seemed to want me there plus it is my room. LOL but went to sleep. but she seemed to call whenever I was awake last night and slept when I was sleeping....
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You know the old saying, "a watched pot never boils" holds so true sometimes. I think you should carry on with your day etc and let her do her thing if she is ready. If you are home when she goes into labour, then great. I would just keep her confined to the birthing room while you're not there and then visit occasionally when you are there. I am gonna guess that those babes will be born at like 3 am tonight.

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Relax mountaindew...when you get to your room, take out a book and read or do something else. Stop looking at her. I presume this is her 1st pregnancy, so she's unsure of what to do too! I wouldn't be surpised if she has them today or tonight while your having a nap!
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I normally watch tv when I am in there. earlier today I was in there trying to nap since I was up so early for work but couldn't sleep so got up and left the room. went and checked on her before I picked up my oldest from school and checked on her when we got back. but just sat in there and let her love on me.

I am hoping she has them tonight while i am sleeping or even when Iam out later tonight. I really don't want to have to take her to the vets. for one the expense as I know there are lots more to come with shots/spaying/neutering etc. plus we are getting our puppy on sun so have shots etc for him and just spent around $1000 trying to save our other dog and the cremation costs... so would like to hold off for at least a couple mo. on anymore big bills...... but will do what needs to be done just like with my dog that just passed away....
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When i was about 12 Whiskers had Kittens. I put her in the Bathroom and my Dad said what are you doing. I said she is Preg and she is having tonight. We went out to Dinner and when we got home Charcoal was born. She started having around 5pm. I got to see the rest born. My Coco had in the middle of the night in the Tub. She had a box but she picked the laundry box to have her Kittens in. Whiskers had on my Shirt. Meeko hated Coco and Stormy but when she went in Labor she changed. She demanded Coco stay with her. She wanted me and kept meowing for me to stay with her. I had to work at 5:30 am the day she had Yoshi. She had around 7:30 Am but would not Nurse him. I got off at 8 Am that day. Coco wanted to nurse him but Meeko wouldnt let her. She was still nursing Stormy at the time. Coco was a very good Mom even though she was 10 at the time. I had to leave her at my Dads because my place didnt allow Cats and there was a unfixed Male. I said fix him but no one did. Coco never got Preg except tht one time. She is the one that can not be fixed because it wasnt safe. Coco did end up nursing Yoshi when Meeko got him off at 8 Weeks. Coco was a very good Mom. She was late like your Cat. Vet told me July and she had Aug 1. I hope your Cat has soon.
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So sorry about your Dog. I lost Yoshi and Stormy in the last 6 Months. Meekos on Kitten was Yoshi. stormy was Cocos girl. I know about Vet bills. I tried to save both Cats and couldnt. Our Care Credit went over the limit. Coco got sick with a Bladder Infection right before that. Meeko I took to get blood Tests and a Shot then she got Sick. Now Coco is sick with a bladder Infection from the Depo Shot. I am getting a Pure Bred Kitten as soon as we get a House. i am on the waiting list.
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My baby crush is doing the same thing! She had some discharge last night and wants to be with me at all times she meows at me and I feel bad because I don't know what she wants. She slept all day yesterday and barely ate anything and is doing the same today. I don't know when she mated I do know it was after 3/16. It has been 2 yrs since I was on here with my other baby Moe who had kittens and Moe was a classic shows all the normal signs of labor so I knew when it was time with her however crush is TOTALLY different and I am worried because we are going out of town Friday and will be gone until Sunday night. I really hope she has them before we leave. Good Luck!
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we go camping on the weekends so I was a mess last weekend worrying she would have them while I wasn't home. but TG I was close enough to come home and check on her so came home sat and Sun and had a friend stop by Sat night........ and she was fine. but she was also 65-67 days..... if yours was after the 16th but you aren't sure when then even saying the 17th she would be what around 65 days now? so hopefully she will have them before you leave or wait till you get back.

well I haven't been up in almost 2 hrs..... LOL but my room is right above my head and I haven't heard anything at all.... trying to wait but may head in and watch some tv in there. LOL
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still no kittens. I left her alone all last night till I went to bed and then I just went to sleep. still didnt' work. LOL I have now covered up my window to try to make it a bit darker in there for today and see if that helps.

Called the vets and we have an appt at 2:40est to make sure that everything is going along ok. I felt the kittens moving last night. so she has just over 4 hrs to start giving birth or she is going to the vets..... LOL
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ok they just called and changed the time to 12:40 JIC she needs surgery. asked about 11 but that only gave me 15 min to get me and 2 kids ready so that wouldn't have worked. heehee
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I hope she doesn't need surgery. Many blessings to you! Keep us updated!
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So worried for your girl. Please keep us informed. Sending good vibes her way
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