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Simba is in a cage now...........

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Hello all, not been on here for a long time, im posting for advice as my poor baby Simba has been in an accident on thursday and has only just come out of the vets today he has got a fractured pelvis and we are told to keep him in a confinement cage for 4 weeks to allow him to heal properly.this is so hard we got him a cage (managed to borrow one) but he was going mad at first meowing like crazy eventually after a couple hour of him not settling i covered the cage with a light blanket and he has settled down now.
just feel so sorry for him, he has a blanket to sleep on then his water/food bowl at the side and his litter tray near the front of the cage although this is actually a small roasting tin (which was all i could find) he just looks so squashed in there its only 4ft like the vet advised i went to him and gave him a stroke half hour ago with the cage door open and he didnt get up this time so think he may be accepting the fact that hes staying in there.4 weeks just seem like such a long time though :-(

Has anyone had any experience of this? Thanks
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Maybe Catwoman 2669 Can help. She find a Cat a few days ago with a broken Pelvis. Her husband works at the Vets .
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Hi ! A friend's cat broke her pelvis when she fell off the balcony, because of that she was constipated and had to give her meds to really soften her poops, so I would advice you to monitor her litter pan as soon as she starts eating, because of the fracture she might not made the correct contractions to take her poop out !
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Yes, be very astute for symptoms of constipation. Some cases of megacolon can be attributed to pelvic injuries. I would ask your vet about this issue and what can be done to prevent the development of such a condition.
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Poor baby! I have no advice, just lots of prayers and get-well-soon vibes.
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Poor baby! Did the vet say it had to be a cage? or could it be a small, confined area like a closet with a baby gate. Just a thought.
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Poor thing. I hope kitty feels better soon.
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yeah the vet said a cage, im going to ring them though simba is going mad in there am sure he is going to do hiself more injury in there than if he were free in the house, trouble is our house is mainly open plan aprt from the kids rooms but i cant keep him in there, he is in the cage at the back of the kitchen but because we have a small house , 2 cats, and 2 children, it is always quite noisy! But am sure he just wants to be out of the cage his back legs look really shaky when he stands up but thats not stopping him trying to get out!

I dont know what to do.I did ring the vets about it yesterday and they said i would have to perservere so now i dont know if theres any point in ringing as they will say the same thing.He goes back to vets in 2 weeks.
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poor little thing i hope Simba will get better soon
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Hunter had orthopedic surgery when he was around 8 or 9 months this past Fall. He was in a crate for a month and then on room rest for some more weeks. He was a very active kitten so it was tough. Once he was off the pain patch and pain meds he calmed down. I kept Hunter's crate in a room with the door closed. We visited him a lot but when the door was open and the other cats visited him or he heard all the noise from the house he would become extremely agitated. Best of luck with Simba. I hope he feels better soon.
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Hi - I am sending hugs and prayers your way. I think the vet is right that you will have to perservere. I know it is probably awful, but you are doing the best for him and his healing. Cats really do adjust... in a couple of days it won't seem quite as bad to him. Keep checking the days off on the calendar and before you know it 4 weeks will have past. My kittys name is Simba also
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did the vet give you any pain meds for simba? his legs are so shakey because he is in pain. my cat is been caged since last friday for a broken pelvis too. but the vet gave us strong pain meds for him. i know its hard to see him caged and going nuts like that but you can not let him out and walk around free. it will do a lot more damage to him then he can do in his cage. my cat is acting a little nuts right now. he wants out because he thinks hes feeling better but hes not. 4 weeks will go by faster then you think and then you know he is ok again and can play and do whatever he wants. if you have any question or just need to talk feel free to pm me.

lots of vibes for simba
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Any updates on Simba? Just been thinking about the poor little guy
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