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'The Cat Site' T-shirt!

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My "The Cat Site" ash-gray T-shirt arrived in the mail yesterday. It's really neat! With the summer months arriving hereabouts, it'll get plenty of use. It gets its public debut this coming Thursday, when I attend the bi-weekly book-group at the library!


Postscript: Oops! My T-shirt arrived today, not yesterday. Somehow I thought this was Tuesday. That's been happening lately: I lost an entire Saturday about two weeks ago.

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Yeah! I'm glad you like it! Please tell me what people say about it!!! Thanks for buying it and for wearing it!
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Wow, it got there really quickly.

I must wait for my mom to get paid again before I hit her up to buy me one (I am such a mooch!)

I think my sister wanted one too, and she doesn't even use the forums! :laughing2
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My "The Cat Site" T-shirt has caused many smiles and positive comments! I use public transportation and regularly visit places where large numbers of people gather (public spaces, the veterans' hospital, the library, really-big stores, et cetera); and that T-shirt always attracts others' eyes, usually resulting in a pleasant comment or question.

Hey, everybody, get yourself at least one of these T-shirts! Spread some smiles around and make your cats proud of you!

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i am working on it too, i want a t-shirt and a huge mug, and flannel pajamas,
hey, when are those coming out, Anne ?!

i am weighing whether to get my own darn Credit Card or ask my mother -
my mother is no picnic though, so, i'll probaly talk to my bank.

what about Money Orders, Anne ?
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How can I get a mug????? And I want a T-shirt , too!!!
Problem is I don't have a credit card. Is there any other way of getting one?????
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The mugs and t-shirts are on the CatSite's Cafepress.com website. You can access it by clicking shop at the top of the screen. They take money orders and checks. I love my large mug. I recommend it highly.
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I couldn't figure it out!!! Oh I know I am stupid but can you explain . So I do not have a credit card or a cheque book but I can send the money somewhere. And where to? PLease, I've never bought anything through the Internet and I really fell for the T-shirt and the mug. I might even get my boyfriend to buy them as a present for me :LOL:
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