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Cat Fakes Injuries

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A few months ago my cat started acting strangely, licking her back & sides and twitching as if her skin itched. The Vet said that she needed more attention, so I gave her more and the behavior stopped. Recently she has been acting strange again by meowing, holding her front paw up as if it is broken and limping around on 3 legs. When she thinks I'm not looking, I see her playing and running around on all 4 legs. I give her plenty of attention and she is not neglected, so why this strange behavior? I feel like she is playing mind games with me.
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Hi Wendi and welcome to the forums!

You learn something new everyday! This is the first time I've heard about such a thing. I find it hard to belive that she's being that manipulative. More likely she's trying to draw your attention to some pain or discomfort. Have you had a good look at her paw?

What you described about the skin itch and overgrooming is not that rare actually. It's a stress-related behavior problem and I'm glad you managed to solve it.

Check this thread for more info:

Keep us posted!
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I agree with Anne. Your kitty is not being manipulative.
That is a human trait. I think she has a problem.
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