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My Cat dog

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Kitty is a Manx, and in keeping with her breed, thinks she is part dog I think. She fetches her feather toys, every day when I come home from work she is waiting right by the front door, when I water the plants outside I can see her little face all contorted and meowing nonstop from window to window following me.
The cutest thing she does is in the morning. She sleeps on the edge of the bed next to me, and when she wakes up the meowing starts until I roll on my back. Then she lays on my chest on stomach and stretches out for petting and purring. But, if I stop petting her she puts both front paws on my chin and makes a kitten mew noise and sniffs my nose and kisses me till I start again. It is so adorable! My fiance is only a little (alot) jealous, and I would be too if it wasn't me she loved so much
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She sounds great! Have you posted a pic of her?
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I know just what you mean! My cat Brady is more dog than cat sometimes. Maybe it come sfrom hanging out with dogs?
Anyway, your Manx sounds like a great cat!
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I'd be jealous of whoever Kitty favored with those gorgeous eyes!
My Aunt Lotty's RIP cat PussyGirl was part Manx (she and her brother were kitties and dumped on the country road in front of my Aunt's house - my Aunt found a person for the brother). She did not think that she was a dog. She thought that the main job in her life was to be a huntress and bring in food for my Aunt who was not a huntress. My Aunt loves to cook and PussyGirl thought she ought to provide the meat for her room and board. Chipmunk meat, mostly.
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As we've had Blossom since she was 3 weeks old & the only other animals she knew was our 2 dogs, my sons used to say she thought she was a dog.
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We had a manx once. He was the best dog we ever had!! He also used to fetch, and learned to sit for treats by watching my dogs.

What is is about manx's? You gotta love them!
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Speaking of Manx cats, anyone know if a perticular breed gets along better than others with them? I'd really like to get her a friend sometime (shes an only child right now lol) but nrevous she might become weird if she doesn't like them. Also, what other breeds are as great as the Manx, since I'm in love with them now Thinking of getting an Ocicat someday not tooo far away hopefully
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