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Pansy had a UTI, took his meds now

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can I expect this is chronic? Should I start acidifying his diet as I do with Fang? He is peeing ok now, and I am not sure I will be able to check his ph, the way he is so skittish.
Question, have any of you had one UTI and no more? or is the sign of the future? It seems that most complete their antibiotics, only to have another flare up shortly after the course of meds is done.
What is your experience?
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I had to take Coco to teh Er last night because she has another Infection and was in the Pan Crying. It might be chronic with your Cat . Coco had one last Nov to Jan. Now she has one again. These last two were caused by the Depo Shot. How old is your Cat? Coco has to see the Vet on Thurs. My Sisters Male has had it twice so far.
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on my first bladder infection with Marvin, he turns 1 in two weeks, we'll see if he has another one later this year...
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My Kitty was at the vet for a suspected UTI just last week, and they said she doesn't have a UTI or anything weird about her urine analysis, but she still is crying sometimes in the litter box (and she never used to). Wish I could help more. Good luck with your kittie
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Poor Cat sounds like she had something wrong they didnt see. Coco was Crying for 2 hours last night.
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Same thing happened with my kitty. Two weeks after she finish her meds, her FLUTD came back. It's very frustrating. We changed her meds and hoping it will go well with her.
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Coco had one infection from Nov -Jan. I sure hope this one will not last that long. She has the Vet tomorrow for a test. It took six Bottles of Antibiotics last time and the time before to get rid of it.
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Damn, just as I feared, he had bloddy urine this morning, the PH was 6.5. I have to call the vet. Were the antibiotics not strong enough? I can't stand thisl. He is not blocked, his bladder is empty.
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Poor Pansy. I hope he gets better.
I wonder what is causing this? Keep us posted.
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