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Long time no see and bad bad news

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Hi all.
I have very bad consciense for not letting you know what happend with our little ferals until now but I havn't been able to put it in words. Last year 29 May, Wesley was killed by a car and 3 June, his brother Ice disappeared and we haven't been able to find him. It is still so painful to think about so I leave it was this.
The rest of them are still living with us, more or less tame. Tosca is completely tame and Silas, Gypsy and Agnes are fairly tame.
Moa is also dead. She choosed not to live with us when we let them out and the reason we opend the door was actually that she was so depressed that she stopped eating from not being free. I found out later that she was missing her old mother who lived in the neighbourhood. She visited us every second week or so and tought her mother to use the cat door and she still comes eating with us now and then but she lives with one of our neighbours for the rest. We don't know what Moa died from but she came home to us to die. We brought her to the vet but it was too late.
Moa also brought another cat to us. Little Mattis. He is a dumped cat that suffer from severe broncitis after monthes outside with pnemonia. He is now healed fom pnemonia but still needs astma medication every second day.
He has helped me to handle the sorrow after Wesley and Ice since he also clearly is missing someone.
Our original cats, zasha and Izzy is doing fine.
When Wesley died it took us 24 hours to find out what happend and we where to late to have his little body back. He was already burned by the comunity office. I only know it was Wesley since the lady who found him remembered his little black spot under one of his paws. Ice missed his brother so much and he of course didn't understand why he was gone. I don't think we'll ever know what happend to Ice. I searched day and night for monthes. Every single household in our area has his picture and our number and every vet within 10 km has his chip number. The cat-homes knows and he is on every missing list on internet. I think I have broken in to every empty basement and barn in the area by know and search every road but nothing.
The pictures are still available but on another address than before: http://s228.photobucket.com/albums/e...=nav_tab_album
Thanks for all the help we had from you all.
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I feel your pain. It's hard to lose a baby and unfortunatly it happens often, but all of them would have been lost if you had not cared for them. Be glad for the success stories and thanks for making my day. Most people think I am crazy for caring about some dumb old stray cat, its nice to know there are people willing to help cats and make their lives better. You can't save them all, but you can save some.
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Thank you. I know and I am enjoying them. I will soon post some more pictures but there is always some who steels your heart a little bit more. Ice and Wesley was my boutlle babies and they became like my children. They are still present in this family every day even if a year has passed now. If I one day have some money I will start a foundation in their name and every single penny will go to ferals.
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As I am typing this I feel like crying. Those pictures were so adorable.
Mao brought another cat because she knew you were a good Meomy. I am finding out that ferals and strays can break your heart. It is a labor of love and you have to love doing it or you wouldn't.
The fact that some were saved is great. Every one we can save is a victory.

The brothers remind me of my two boys sitting together.
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Thank you CC12. Your post really made me feel better. I posted some pictures from last week from our candy-times. The only one missing is our little Izzy since she doesn't like meat.
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Malena, I'm so sorry to hear about Wesley and Ice. But your heart should rest a little easier knowing that they were loved and cared for and knew a wonderful life, even if it was cut short. I'm especially sorry Ice left because of his grieving - it's just not knowing that makes it the hardest. Each kitty that passes or leaves us takes a little piece of our hearts - but they still live on in our hearts and helps us heal from the pain of their passing.

You've done such a wonderful thing for so many - and they'll keep finding you.

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