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Should we get a new kitten? Decisions decisions!

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Lately, my boyfriend and I have been mooning over kittens in petstore windows(not that we'd BUY one from there, good gracious no!) and sighing with uncontrolled longing whenever we see little teensy kittens on Animal Planet.

We have two kitties already, Toby and Trina.. and we love them to pieces, of course. I'm trying to decide if getting another kitten would upset their dynamic, stay the same, or fix it. Currently, they accept each other; Trina tries to love up to Toby, but he's usually very grumpy and only tolerates it when he's asleep. So then, in turn, I think she gets mad at him and kicks him off the bed sometime. She's very playful, and he's very not.. Grr!

There's also the issue that Toby likes to pee in the shower, and we're hoping he won't be when we move(or switch to carpet), but.. The cat would more likely take to Trina's behavior anyway, because Trina is VERY maternal and always cleaned the kittens that we've taken in over the years.

Of course, the apartment we're moving into only allows up to two pets.. but we're already breaking that rule by bringing the gerbils.. Gah!

I think we probably shouldn't, but I want another little bundle of fur soooo bad! I just love watching them grow up, which I didn't get to do with Trina, and had to give the kittens she had away. It's been so long!

Oh, also--whenever Trina hears baby kittens crying on TV, she comes running and stares at the TV until they go away. Isn't that weird?

I know we can afford it and the vet checkups and the spay/neuter, but.. I don't want to make Toby's later years miserable. Then again, I don't want Trina to be lonely!
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IMO if you have some litter box issues and peeing in the shower, adding another cat may cause more problems. Kittens are cute but they don't stay like that for long.

I'd not bring in another kitten at this time. Maybe in the future if things are better when you move, but not now. Why upset the apple cart?
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You're on a very slippery slope... and at the bottom of it, you end up with six cats in the house like we have. Not that we'd ever give up any of our babies -- but they are extremely problematic in many ways, and we should not have let ourselves go crazy like that.

And as an apartment-dweller, you really need to think hard about adopting a third cat -- what if you got caught and had to choose between eviction and giving up one of your babies? It's too horrible to contemplate!

Maybe you could volunteer at a no-kill shelter! That would give you a chance to be around kittens...
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