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Suggestions on how to get Brooke in the house at night?

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This dog drives me crazy sometimes. Brooke is a Samoyed mix (BIG dog) and we got her as a resuce a little over a year ago. They said she was around 2, but we think she's probably a few years older than that. When we first brought her home, she didn't know how to play, didn't know what a bone was...I don't know what kind of life she had before (she was brought in because a couple found her on the road) but the vet says she was healty and just needed a bath, and shots to be safe. She was already spayed.

Anyway, she LOVES being outside, even when it's raining. We have a yard a little over an acre fenced in for her and our other 3 dogs and that is where she spends most of her time. She just doesn't like coming inside! We think she may have been kept outside most of the time (but she definitely knew what a couch was for the first day she was home! )

The problem is at night while we're getting ready for bed. The normal routine is putting them out for about an hour before bed to let them do their thing. The other 3 will come right in when I mention "treats". Her ears will perk up but then she settles down...in the furthest corner of the yard...and roll on her back to get belly rubs (doesn't matter if she's rolling in mud or not!). I used to walk all the way up there through the mud, rain, snow, sleet, whatever, and give her the bellyrubs, but I would still have to grab her collar and pull her to her feet. I've stopped the bellyrubs and are giving them to her in the house as a reward, but the new game is "avoid mommy". As in, I will be half way across the yard, she will jump up and run past me to the pourch. Then, right when I get there, she will dart by me and run as far as the yard will let her and roll right back over for her tummy rubs! This dog is too smart!! The problem is...it's taken me almost an hour many nights to get her in the house! And, usually I end up covered with mud, or snow and I know she's just laughing at me!

Leaving her outside all night (which is what I think she wants) I don't want to do. We live on the edge of the woods and there are too many things, such as bobcats, cougers, bears..not to mention skunks, that I don't want her messing with at night. Plus there are the barn cats that she LOVES to bark at constantly...just to let me know they are there, I think.

So, if anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE help!
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Many northern breeds, such as Samoyeds, Huskies and Malamutes are very outdoorsy dogs and love being outside. I pet sat (and house sat) for some people last year who have three huskies. They slept outside in their fenced in yard every night. I tried letting them inside at night, but they would wake me a 1am to go back out; they live in a rural area on a large property, so there is no danger of bothering the neighbors.

One suggestion I have is to go outside, snap a leash on her collar, and walk her inside without any fuss. Right now you are in this routine of "Mommy calls us, Mommy comes outside, time to play!!" Changing the routine will help change your dog's behavior.
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My name is Brooke! lol This probably isn't very helpful since I'm a person (and not a dog), but to get me in the house all it takes is dinner time pretty much : ) Good luck with Brooke
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Sounds to me like Brooke needs a little work in basic obedience training! She should come when you give the command - not do what she wants to do. That is not listening to the pack leader (you) and she needs to be put in her place.

Maybe consider obedience training very soon. And practice at home - put her on a long lead and give the command of come. If she doesn't listen - then you need to reel her in immediately and praise her for coming.
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Some dogs just aren't meant to be indoors. No matter how much we fight with them to get them inside and on a couch or a dog bed; it seems they prefer the grass and their dog house. Chance is that way. I couldn't bring him inside if I wanted to. In fact, I tried to carry him inside once and he nipped me.

Normally, I'd suggest leaving the dog outside though I'm not for the idea of leaving a dog in the yard unattended- if that's what the dog wants, then, I say "Go for it."

But, since you say you have bears and skunks and bobcats (thank God I don't have to worry about none of that; though, we get an occasional deer or a fox) I think the leash idea is in order. Or training. If you walk her inside on a leash, you may trick her into thinking she's going for a walk; so she may go willingly. Once inside, make her stay in for the night (unless she has to do her business; I'm assuming she's house trained and not paper trained since she's a big dog?) Eventually, she'll remember the routine and may even do it willingly. It just takes time, that's all.
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Originally Posted by Meowers View Post
My name is Brooke! lol This probably isn't very helpful since I'm a person (and not a dog), but to get me in the house all it takes is dinner time pretty much : ) Good luck with Brooke
Awww, that just made me laugh hon! Believe me, she comes in for dinner...that isn't a problem! And, ANYTIME she sees us in the kitchen, except for after dark when she knows it should be bed time! Hmmmm..maybe if I banged pots and pans around at night, she might come in hoping for a treat. I'm serious! It's a thought.....
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The problem with the leash thing is....well....she really needs obedience training. We've tried with the long lead, short lead, treats, anything we could think of or find info on, but if she even sees the leash she is trying to break the door or gate down, and then she pullllllls. Of course, she is bred to pull, so it really hard to train it out of her. So, using the leash to get her to come in, right now, isn't an option.

I really think she would love to stay outside all night, but besides the wildlife, there are the barn cats that roam outside all night. She "patrols" the gate, and her barking at every little movement at 4:00am just isn't acceptable to us or our neighbors (mainly, my MIL who lives just up the road).

It's funny...she's well trained, as in for sitting, laying down, etc...as long as a treat is involved. And we've been working with her on that even more, but she knows when we don't have a treat...or if the "treat" she wants in on our dinner plate. She's like the most stubborn teenager!
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If you can afford it, I'd look into a good trainer who will do private lessons or problem solving (especially with leash issues).

BTW we just started agility training again with our lab. This is a new trainer and we are really impressed. At the end of class I mentioned about Keno pulling too much when walking (she's not great with heeling) and needing to use a prong collar to stop her. The trainer said "you don't need that - let me show you what to do". So within 5 mins she had her not pulling on the leash! A few simple tricks and one command "don't pull" and she walks a lot better.

Its US that need more training then the dog..... So we will test her out this week when we walk around the neighborhood. We have to remember to give immediate praise to Keno when she stops. The trainer has 40 yrs of training experience and you can tell she knows dogs. Even the aggressive GSD she got to stop threatening the other dogs. Its her owner who needs to reinforce it.
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