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Hi All ! :)

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I know I'm not to great at posting in the appropriate areas and I'm sorry for this . I don't come in too often as you know . And I've lost my password because of it . I had to get a new one sent to me .

In any case , I've raised many kitties in my lifetime and know quite a bit . Although I've asked about certain things . This does not make me a "KITTIE AUTHORITY" . I'm sending out my personal E-Addy for those that want or need to contact me for any reason . Please feel free to ask any questions . Or just chat , I don't mind at all !
NOT that I'm anything special , it's just easier for me. But I'll still check in from time to time in here and I do check my mail daily and reply .

My Addy is : rebecca_p_m@yahoo.com

I'm sorry , I've too many passwords and such to keep up with .


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This is such a kind offer, Rebecca! Where people have the most questions are generally in the Behavior and the Health forums. I hope you can find time to visit them from time to time, I'm sure you're advice will be valued.

Please check your PM - I did send you a quick note.


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Thank you Rebecca!

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Rebecca, don't worry about posting things in the wrong place. That's what us mods are for! Makes us feel important. It does take a while to figure out where to put what, it's no big deal really!

I also hope you have time to check in with us every so often at least.
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Ya'll are TOO sweet !

Thanks so much for the sentiments , my it means a lot to me that ya'll care enough to respond to my thread . However , LDG , I don't know how to access my PM , Lord I feel like just a dummy !
I clicked on it and it was to respond to you , not recieve...HELP ?

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