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Is this what kisses are?

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This morning, I awoke to my baby birple [b. 2/14/08] glaring at me for quite a while after his midnight zoomies. As we locked eyes, he came nearer and nearer to me for a wet nosed butt to my forehead, this happened 3 x. Before each he would look perplexed and then go for it again. It was so adorable I wanted to cry.

Chloe is my licker. I awoke the other night to her licking the side of my ankle, but I was half asleep, I prefer my arm, I think my arm is cleaner than a smelly foot.

Calvin is my talker. He is a big cream baby. 30 pounds but not obese.

Chloe is just a meanie, she growls at the others but when I separate her she gets upset. I love my babies.
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Awww that's cute.
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Twinkie licks me on my lips. I swear, if I opened my mouth, I don't know WHAT he'd do!!
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they sound like a really lovable bunch! Wish I had more than one.

I think our kitties are smarter than we think. They see what we do and how we react to them, and imitate it kinda. I don;t know what science says about cats intelligence, but they know how to 'talk' to us.

You probably kissed your kitties alot when they were little (like I did) and now they know that getting in your face is a way to show love and comfort.

Don't know about the ankle licker, lol, You were probably salty and it tasted good at the moment. Most likely that was grooming.
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Arwen has started this new habit of licking my arms when she is lying down on my belly and I have my arms folded over my chest. Maybe she thinks I am tasty?
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Gypsy headbutts my nose with the top of her head so hard it hurts. Gracie licks my nose. The kittens rub their noses against mine, and sometimes stick their noses in my eye sockets. My old girl Sheba would doot her nose against my forehead, almost like a peck.

My dog Beavis doesn't give kisses, but he gives hugs. I prefer it that way. I love my dog, but I prefer dry kitty kisses to wet doggie kisses.
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I couldn't edit my original post, so here they are:

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Jack only licks us if we are dirty. Like if we go to bed with dirty hair--he's sure to lick it.

I wish he "kissed" he unfortunately only provides annoying love bites.

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Mary grooms any bare skin she can find on me. She does nose kisses where we touch noses. She closes her eyes when she does it like she is in heaven.
Cleo licks rarely but he gives me lovey eyes, he follows me everywhere and rubs me.
Seldon head butts and loves to lay beside me.

We will see with the newest additions.
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