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We Have Kittens!!!!

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Misty Blue just had her HERD of kittens!!!!! Nine!!!!! NINE!!!!! Eight of which survived...The one that didnt felt like he had no bones at all...but the other eight (SO FAR, mind you) Are all sooooooo strong and very rambunctious already! She did soooo well! She started giving birth at eight ten this morning and has been popping them out like a pro!!! EIGHT!!! Is it normal for cats to have so many kittens her first time?!?!?!?!?! ANyways, I have to go see them again! See if shes done or what!!! Ill post pics of them all later!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What kind of cat is she? I've heard of Maine Coons and some Birmans having large litters.

Seems lately there are some weird things going on - very large litters with purebreds and mixed, kittens coming into heat and breeding at 4 months old....etc.
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awww.cant what to see pics of them!!Im so happy for u!
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My granddaughter's cat just had 5 kittens in her 1st litter. The vet was surprised that she had so many the first time, and they are all healthy.
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Congrats!!!!!!!!! seems like everyone but Angel are popping them out today!!!! LOL

did you notice any signs before she gave birth? if so what were they and how long before? I am going crazy waiting for something here! heehee
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Yep, so far there are eight healthy kitties!!! Theyre all sooo cute!!!! Misty is sooo tired! But she did soo well! I am so PROUD OF HER! We can feel another in her tummy too!!!! She isnt a purebread or anything, just a little black kitty...so I have no idea! As for the signs...she was really affectionate the past week or so...and the past day she has been draggin her bum alot. last night she tried to climb into bed with me under the covers so I knew that somwthing was up before I went to work...Other than that I thought she was due weeks ago!!! So I am the last person who would know! LOL! Besides the fact that theyre here I really ahvent a clue! I know that Misty will be a great momma! Im soo happy! Ill let eveyone know when that last one is out!!!!
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Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics.
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