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Only One Kitten Born, Is this possible? Anyone knows....

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My Cat went into labor Saturday night and had only one kitten. Is it possible that she stopped her labor? Her belly still feels hard, and I do feel something that feels like kitties inside her (not sure). Does anyone know if this is possible to stop Labor, or did she only have one kitten. She did eat alot yesterday and drank a lot of water, she is taking care of the kitty just fine
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It is possible that she only had one kitten, To be sure though it would be a good idea for you to take her to the vet just to double check.
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Thanks, I actually have an appointment this afternoon, it just seems strange that her tummy is still fat, looking pregnant and feels lumpy like there is kitties in her still.
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This happened with Meeko. She had Yoshi and felt very hard after so we went to the Vet the next day and it was Constipation. They did a ultrasound to see if she had any Kittens in her still. Sadly I loss Yoshi at age 5 on Jan 11. I hope there is nothing in your Cat. Meeko did have onlt one Kitten.
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rayne only had on kitten,thats is rare though.we had a vet come an check her to make shure.
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Her Tummy does feel hard, is that how it usually feels when they are pregnant? I guess she is just a special Kitty and very unique! I will keep you all posted tomorrow on what the vet says. I just hope if she is still pregnant that all the kitties are still alive
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Meekos was very hard that is why I thought a Kitten was stuck in her but she was Constipated. I hope your cat is ok. They did a Ultrasound with Meeko.
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Good News,

the vet did an X ray and her Tummy was fine, just a very good Eater the Vet said. Only One big healthy kitten
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Congrats! Glad to here she is ok. Enjoy the beautiful little kitty.
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Well one kitten is possible but it is rare. You should take her to the vet to make sure there are no complications or "stuck" kittens. A dead fetus inside the mother...and a kitten who is stuck...will not only kill all of the other kittens but will cause infection in the mother.
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Meggie was an only kitten, and she had an "only" also (afterwhich we promptly got her fixed!).
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mountaindew's cat Angel just had a single kitten... you can read about him here.
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I had a stray female that kept hanging around my house this winter. She was pretty feral and wouldn't come close to me. Finally after feeding her and talking to her for a few weeks she finally let me touch her. Well lo and behold she was pretty pregnant so I brought her inside. Took her to the vet and he confirmed she was pregnant. She wasn't able to get any shots or anything and I chose not to have xrays and just wait it out.

Well I waited and waited and waited. Everyday I woke up and would say this is the day. I made her a nice bed and watched for the nesting behavior. Once she started nesting I starting setting my clock to get up every couple of hours at night because I was so sure that each night was THE night. I read up on kittens I had everything prepared for multiples. And finally the day before Valentines day she came and got me and let me know it was time. It was 11 am in the morning. Her and I went through labor all day that day. I had my birthing supplies, baby bottles and formula ready incase there was too many to nurse. I had my scale and my note pad so I could mark which kitten was born in what order, what their birth weight was and what color they were I was ready!

Finally at 4:30pm we delivered kitten #1 Woohoo we were on our way now. I texted my MIL and ran down stairs like a crazy woman saying we have kittens! We have kittens! (my hubby just smiled and nodded at me like he always does, thinking to himself she has lost her mind) I was just so giddy and exicted to have these babies. Anyways I weighed it. Wrote all her information on my sheet I was ready to go now we were on a roll. So I waited for kitten #2. Knowing that they can take breaks in between babies I waited and was ready in 30 mins for kitten #2. I waited and waited somemore. Sigh ok I had read it could take a few hours for them to continue and as long as she wasn't laboring we were ok. She was nursing number 1 and sleeping in between no stress. So finally she got up and meowed at me This was it! Here comes kitten #2 I just knew it. Nope she wanted me to babysit so she could go potty <sigh> So it is now 9:30pm and I am worried so I call the vet and tell him we have no #2 yet and I'm worried. He says well hon she might not do #2 while she is in labor. I told him no no not that #2 we don't have kitten #2 yet. He asks me how she seems and I told him cool as a cucucumber I'm the nervous one. He tells me well as long as she wasn't bleeding and didn't seem stressed to let her go and call him first thing in the morning. Ok so there I sat all night waiting for #2 darn it I was ready for the whole litter I just knew there were more in there.

Morning comes and nothing nada zip. So I call the vet and tell them who I am and the girl says to me no #2 huh? My vet had told them I would be calling. So they had me bring the family in. We had her checked and xrayed and that was it just 1. 1 kitten. So now I am the proud owner of a very spoiled single kitten and her mother. (we decided to keep her too) I went out and bought baby toys, and stuffed animals because I felt so bad she didn't have siblings. She is 3 months old now and just such a joy. She has even won over my hubby and my cranky cat who hates all other cats.

Anyway sorry to ramble. I think I am still waiting for #2 lol. But anyways I think single kittens are more common than people realise.
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thank you for rambling, I had a simple question and not only did I get an answer but I am still ROFL!

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Please be aware this is an old thread that was revived by a recent post in the thread. It is from 2008. Therefore it is very unlikely that the original poster will come back to this thread to read any comments.
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thank you - I think my cat only had one kitten two days ago. I will take her to the vet to check if she is ever going to have #2  (ROFL)... because she needs to be sterilised hereafter....

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Originally Posted by Charmaine View Post

thank you - I think my cat only had one kitten two days ago. I will take her to the vet to check if she is ever going to have #2  (ROFL)... because she needs to be sterilised hereafter....

@Charmaine Welcome to The Cat Site. Please be aware, you have posted in an old thread. The original poster probably won't come back to the thread. If you wish, you may start your own thread about your kitten. Another option is you may wish to start a thread in our New Cats on the Block Forum. Good luck with your kitten.
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