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Daily question 05-19-08...=)

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Good morning my friends,.......Mr monday is here again!...
how was your weekend?... I hope can you done all what you propouse to do!......
Happy begin of week!..

Let see...
- Do you have indoor plants? Wich kind are? you like them? can you show us some pic if you have?....

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I just have artificial plants
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Happy Monday everyone! It was a nice weekend for me. Busy, but nice. Now it's back to work. I'm going on a business trip this afternoon through tomorrow. Not really looking forward to that, but at least I only have to be gone one night.

Indoor plants? Nope. I used to love having houseplants... and then I got cats! One of my cats is a chronic chewer - she chews on anything and everything. So no houseplants for me. But I love to garden, so I have dozens of plants outdoors (including, of course, catnip ).
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No, I've found over the years indoor plants and cats really don't mix well DH will get me flowers sometimes and I have to take them to work for my desk. The few times they sat on the dining room table, Charlie decided to have fun with them. Cleaning up water on the table, chair, floor is NOT fun - let alone the petals all over the floor.......
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Pepper tries to eat anything that doesn't run away so no plants for me!
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No plants here Rigel, because I have enough to take care of with 5 cats and my Husband
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I only have one, and it's called a purple passion!

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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
I only have one, and it's called a purple passion!
Whoah! That is a cool plant!!!
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Oh isn't that lovely!, and very unusual.
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This is an example of my inside plants .......

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Well to answer the questions,.......just a some ferns at home....

Hereยดs the edecan showing to you...
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Nope, no indoor plants with my two cats around! They both think plants are there to be chewed!
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No indoor plants for me. I don't have much of a green thumb, I am afraid. I had a little potted clover plant that I kept in the kitchen window, but one morning I found that Miss Ringo had gotten hold of them and eaten all of the buds. Bad kitty! Our apartment complex supplied all of the residents with plants in early spring and we planted them outside. We thought that we had killed them, but some flowers are starting to pop up again! Yay!! We had just had a big rain, so I think that they just need more water than what we were giving them.
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I'm not good at keeping plants alive. More to the point, three cats, two ferrets and indoor plants would not be a good mix. I have one small, pathetic, cat nip plant that lives in my kitchen window. The cats don't seem too interested in cat nip....
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No indoor plants here at the moment, unless it is a special occasion and they are brought in...apart from that we don't really have any.
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Way to many cats to have plants. I do have lots of outdoor plants though.
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No plants here. I kill everything I touch
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I have this palm

and a Jasmine plant that I need to plant outside soon
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I do! I used to have a lot more, but through the years my cats have destroyed them. The survivors are: Snake Plant (sanseveria), which has thick leaves, so the cats barely bother it. I also have a few Jade plants. These also have thick leaves, but once in awhile I can see a tooth-print. My last plant is a dracena, and htat one is tall enough the cats can't really get to the leaves.
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Nope not anymore, I use to have a very nice Spider Plant until Linus decided to play Tarzan and swing from it...Needless to say the spider plant has gone to the great garden in the sky

I do have several planter's and plant boxes on my deck which I enjoy very much.
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Originally Posted by pipersjo View Post
Pepper tries to eat anything that doesn't run away so no plants for me!
for us too
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well, my weekend was pretty boring! am not one for plant's, sooo i don't have any.
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We have two little Bonsai trees. We saw them at Wal-Mart, abandoned in the soda aisle. They were cute so we decided they, like adorable kitties, deserve a home
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I only have silk plants. I used to have a Christmas cactus, but I kept forgetting to water it (it was on top of the refrigerator so the cats couldn't get it.) My mom finally took it home with her, probably because she felt sorry for it!
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The only plant in my house is cat grass. I have a little pot on the widow in my bedroom. Chester likes it.

When it dies or gets eaten I plant more.
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I have a green thumb (thanks, Mom!) so I can usually grow just about anything without trying very hard.

When I moved into this apartment I bought only plants that were listed as safe for cats. I have purple passion, purple heart, spider plant, creeping charlie, several peperomias and a couple of succulents. The only thing I cannot grow is ivy - not sure why?

So far, neither Seb or Daphne as shown any interest in nibbling. Seb has his cat grass and seems happy with it.
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