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Making a Decision

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Charlie loves baths, hops in his carrier for shows without a fuss, loves the shows, motels, etc. but.........................

We have made a tough decision to stop showing him. Why? The main reason is for his own health. He will NOT use a litter pan at the shows and we have to be very sure he goes at least once during the weekend in the hotel. He holds it all in - then winds up uncomfortable when you put pressure on his bladder in the judging ring. Which makes him mouthy and a little hard to handle at times.

As long as the judge lets him relax, he will show off, but coming out of the cage and back in Charlie gets upset.

Because we do not want to worry about him getting another UTI for not going to the bathroom, we've made the tough decision to stop showing him.

He's got his Grand Champion and worked hard to get it. He's a good example of the breed, but not the best. He got his Regional and National wins (better then we expected).

So he will go to one more show in October (and qualify for a Regional win), then we will patiently wait for baby Jack and hopefully he will be a better show cat.

We originally got Charlie for a pet; he wound up being a pretty good show cat. We know what faults he has. This time when asking for a show quality Oci, we will have a better one. Charlie's faults are: ear set not wide enough and would like to have a little better spotting around the shoulders/sides area. His body type and head type/muzzle are excellant.

So we want Jack to have great body/head (like Charlie) and better ears/spotting. Jack's breeders cats/kittens have that look on the ears and spotting; we'll have a better cat.

Its better to be honest and show a truly great cat rather then a good one. That's what good breeding is all about

Sooooooooooo, I'll ask your patience vibes cause its gonna be tough NOT to be going to shows after October. We hope to get Jack in March so we can put him in the April shows as a kitten
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Good for you for taking in to consideration what is best Charlie. That says a lot about the love you have for your cats. I hope Jack does wonderfully. Will Charlie still be allowed to accompany you since he enjoys everything but the actual showing, and may help Jack to have company. Not being a breeder,I don't know that it is a common thing, but I have heard of people doing that for the comfort of the cats that are showing. Best of luck to you and Jack, I am sure he will do wonderfully. Have you posted any pics of him, or have I just missed them?
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Local shows where we come back home at the end of the day - we'll take Charlie then to keep Jack company (the April shows will be Jack alone first show, Charlie with him 2nd show).

No pictures lately - but I took a bunch at the show and will get DH to help me reload them to post. These are of his Grand cake , our new Oci friend from Florida who was showing a lovely blue-silver Oci, Grace, and some of Charlie in the cage
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It is so hard to make that decision of not continuing a cats show career. I honestly think I should quit showing Kingston also. He has been to 5 shows as a Premier and is a few points shy of being half way Granded. I was told a good show cat will Grand in 4-6 shows. Kingston has stomatitus which effects his weight. He is not really Grand quality and I have known that for some time. But I really enjoy showing and I don't have anything else to show. With gas prices sky rocketing and continuing to sky rocket, it sure wouldn't hurt for me to quit shows for now. I even asked his breeder if it was alright if I quit showing him and she said whatever I decide.
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Demetri's out too, he threw an unhappy tantrum during vetting in so he went right home again on Sunday. He just doesn't like it, since an incident last year. So I left him home since November, but he remembers
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I know I helped you pick out Demetri and he is a good example, but looking at your pictures - Farley has a better head/muzzle then Demetri. His muzzle looks like Charlie's.
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Yes, Farley (and Ana) are better than Demetri, but still he did very well at shows placing top 5 in all but a couple of shows. I always said if the cats hated it I'd quit, so it's not a hard decision to not show him.
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GK: I can understand how you feel, but it must be even more difficult because Charlie seems to like showing so much. Congrats on all of your success!! And good luck with Baby Jack

Originally Posted by kitytize View Post
With gas prices sky rocketing and continuing to sky rocket, it sure wouldn't hurt for me to quit shows for now. I even asked his breeder if it was alright if I quit showing him and she said whatever I decide.
Don't forget, as a premier, he's got all the time in the world Those granding points never expire, so you can always return him to the ring when you're showing cats from your own cattery. It usually helps to have two of the same breed anyways
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i think having a happy and healthy fuzzy friend is more important than shows and the feeling of doing something good for him will make you happy too
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I talked to Jack's breeder today. She will be breeding 2 females to the same male in September, so I'm sure we'll get a top show out of one or the other. One female is cinnamon-silver, the other is lavendar-silver. Both would be bred to a cinnamon male The lavendar-silver is a little better in type/spotting then the other.
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I think that is very commendable of you for putting Charlie's well-being first. That must have been a very hard decision, but one I'm sure he will appreciate all the same.
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