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milo the detective

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i was seriously impressed with milo yesterday.

when i got up my dh said that milo had been running around on his own. he asked if shinobi was up on our bed. well he wasn't so i started looking for him as he is usually on the bed or under it.

looked all over the house and couldn't find him. i was getting a little worried but felt sure he couldn't be far away.

milo came upstairs with me and as i was checking my wardrobe i heard him cry. he was next door in my sons room.

kyron has a divan bed with drawers underneath it. milo was sitting there infront of one of them and cried again, looking at the drawer when i walked in.

i pulled the drawer open and a little black paw appeared, followed quickly by the rest of shinobi!

my son had left the house early to go on a day trip with friends. he must have opened his drawer to get some clothes out and then shut it, not realising shinobi had gone in it!

so, all's well that ends well, but what a clever boy milo was for leading me to his brother!
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Ree-Ree is so attached to Fiona. If he can't find her he goes nuts! One day he was acting weird...going around the house in circles crying mournfully. Than I found him sleeping an hour or so later in a strange place. He was in front of a closet.

I put two and two together eventually and realized Fiona must be in the closet. I opened it up and there she was, looking up at me like " Mom, it's too bright shut the door!" Ree Ree was so happy! He walked right in and proceeded to lick her and collapse on top of her...which was the reason she was hiding in the first place

She was so miffed I gave away her sleeping place!
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