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The Daily Thread May 19th 2008

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Hello everyone

Its sunny but cool (36F) this morning. Have a load a laundry in the washer. My sis is still in bed "sleeping" and the cats are tearing around the house "playing" with their visiting cousin!!

Worked in a couple flower beds yesterday and I went to step out and I stepped on my Kneeling pad but its got a hard plastic bottom so I lost my balance and came down on the blacktop on my left knee and smacked my left shin on the edging and my right hand came down hard on the edging too. So its a bit painful at the moment.

Taking in the truck today to get new tires and an alignment and doing some retail therapy with my sister.

Unknown dinner for tonite so far!!

Have a good day.....
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It's supposed to be pretty warm here today.

And today is my first day of actual, official volunteer work at our local shelter. I get to play with kitties all day, if I want to!
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It's sunny but cool here as well and i think it's going to be like this most of the week.

Nothing happening here?. Grocery shoppings being delivered tonight, then a long night of soaps on t.v
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Morning All!!!!

Cloudy, damp and cool again today, it certainly has been a lousy long weekend weather-wise.

Feeling a little ill today, had a tuna sub for dinner last evening and I suspect it is the culprit. Have to stop by work for a couple of minutes just to drop off some paperwork then not sure what I am doing after that.

I do have tons of chores to do but not sure if have the energy today.

Kitties are good, Pixie is snacking, Sassy is napping and Linus is trying to catch raindrops on the outside of the window.

Everyone have a good day
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Anyone care for a cup of coffee?

I worked Sat & Sun try to get more stuff done so didn't get to enjoy the nice weather much. Depending on how today goes I may have to work late again.

Happy Monday
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We have a holiday today, so I was slacking here this morning

I am just eating some oatmeal and about to get some coffee. Me and Trout had a good cuddle session this morning

I love holidays! I am going for a run outside later on..and thats about it! Woohoooo short week!

13 and sunny today...I hope you all have a lovely one!
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Morning everyone! I have to work tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday so I am trying to get some chores done this AM so that I can sleep all afternoon. Ah, the rigors of night shift, lol! Pepper has discovered that he can sit on the fishtank so I have been shooing him off since we got up and Petunia is mad that we got up . Just a relaxed day today (until tonight)!
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I'm just going to relax all day today. I had a busy weekend at work and didn't get much sleep. I might do some cleaning today, but thats about it.
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