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Couch hog

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Apparently we both can't be comfy on the couch so as you can see I'm laying with one leg on each side of him.
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Very cute. That's how I woke up the other morning. I wondered why I couldn't moove my legs. When I fully woke up, Blossom was between my legs. It was rather difficult getting her to move so I could get up.
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bless! isn't it funny how we put up with being uncomfortable just so our kitties are comfortable. something ain't right there...
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He is so sweet!!
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Yeah Sox has a tendancy to do that while I am on the couch too, sometimes when I am laying in bed. I like trying to get comfortable in the middle of the night and having Sox on one side and Beacon on the other side, me being in the middle, and I hate to bug them when that happens, but sometimes I just scoop up Beacon (she's small enough to do that still) in one hand and reposition her, hopefully without disturbing her too much.
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Rocky does the same thing when I'm in bed. (If I'm on the couch, he prefers my lap) Oliver will settle himself behind or around my head. Between the two of them, they guarantee that I don't move too much.
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Aww he is such a handsome boy! He looks so happy laying right there
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Don't you know that is the normal way to sit if you are a cat lover? Very cute.
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I know the feeling! my legs are always twisted around, io have the dog on one side, one cat at the end of the couch and another cat on the opposite side from the dog..not too mention the 3 cats who are on top of me!
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The sign of a true cat lover!

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