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Playtime with Ringo! (Picture heavy)

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My husband and Ringo had a good time playing with the tassel toy last night!

"I think I hear one of my toys!"

*Stalk, stalk*

"You're in for in now, shiny thing!"

"You can't see me!"

"How dare you get in my hide-away cube!"

"You are in for it!"

"I have expert hiding skills. The shiny thing will never see me coming."

"I've got moves."

"Float like a butterfly..."

"Sting like a bee!"

"Now it's your turn, dinosaur."

Hee, hee! Our baby girl is so much fun!
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Originally Posted by Carley View Post

"Float like a butterfly..."

that is one of the best action photos i have ever seen!
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Ringo is quite a jumper! It took about a gazillion tries to actually get a photo of her in action. Usually by the time the flash goes off and the picture is taken she has already landed - and often not even in the shot! She's a fast one!
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I just love Ringos face!! Love the action shots!! They are great
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thats absouloutly hilarious! i'll add you and i'll send you pics if my silly cat!
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good gracious!! look at those ears!!! Ringo IS an expert hunter
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LOL Katie I was thinking the same thing! Ringo is adorable and she has ears like a Serval. All the better to ear that crinkle tassel toy.

I pic where she is hiding behind the little donkey. Too cute.
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Thank you, everyone! Miss Ringo is a Savannah mix of some sort, so that's why she has those amazing Serval-esque ears. They are something, aren't they?! I love how she moves them around like little radars - the slightest little thing will make them twitch. It's too cute!
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