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We got a new Betta

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I haven't had a male Betta in a long time, and I saw the coloring on this one and just had to bring him home . He's really a little more teal than blue, but here he is- his name is Rooster:

And this is Rooster having had his fill of the camera already, lol

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He's beautifully colored. I love the tips on his fins. I love to keep them, but lately have had no luck.
I had a pink one that used to jump through the tiny hole in the top of the tank. I would toss him back in every morning, and he was fine. I had to give him to a friend when we moved halfway across the country.
Great pics, too.
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Thanks ! I hope this one doesn't decide to learn any tricks like that, with 4 cats around, lol .
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He was on the kitchen counter, and the cats never discovered him, thankfully we still had Fred and Leo that were both very well behaved.
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Wow he is gorgeous!!!
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aw what a beautiful double rayed crown tail butterfly green and red hes a stunner!
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Thanks! He's a funny little fish- lots of personality!
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He's stunning! I love the pictures and the last one made me laugh! hahaha very cool!
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Thanks so much !
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Gorgeous Crowntail boy you have there, he looks like a little cheek!
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