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Kitten Pictures!

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Two weeks old today! There are definitely more of these to come


Had to do a bit of sharpening on this one, so it looks a little weird.

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Awwww....very cute!
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awww cuteness A pile of black and white with a few blue and white mixed
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They are so sweet!!
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So cute! I love the 3rd pic where you can see the little pink soft kitten paws.
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So cute!!!
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Just curious, is the daddy blue and white? I'm surprised to see no all black kittens, with the mama so all-black. Maybe GoldenKitty knows?
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so so cute!!! So much blue/gary, what is daddy?
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Actually, the father is Black and White. I'll post a picture of him too.
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They are so adorable!
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Ok, here's the father, Parrot:

(This is Parrot when he was just a little baby - and now a daddy himself!)

And here is Turtle. Turtle is not related to the kittens, Parrot, or Shinobi in any way, but since they're getting all this attention, I wanted to give her some too. :p
Btw, does anyone know what breed she would be? All we got from the adoption center was "calico".
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Any guess on what Turtle might be?
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Beautiful cats. They look so happy too!
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Originally Posted by Abstract View Post
Any guess on what Turtle might be?

Beautiful!! Other than that, no, sorry, I'm terrible with breeds. It took me forever to figure out that "calico" isn't a breed! But Turtle is gorgeous.

And the others are too cute for words!! I, too, love that itty-bitty paw.
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Aww my pregnant cat is that gray/white color, gorgeous!!
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Beautiful litter! The odds of getting a gray (blue) kitten from two black parents are 1 in 4 - if and ONLY if BOTH the parents are carriers of the dilute gene, which obviously these guys are.

Of course statistics are random...

Thanks for sharing the pics - can hardly wait to watch them grow!
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Cutie pies. All of them.
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