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Birthday party for cats?

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So, Bella is my baby, and on Wednesday she'll be one year old. I was wondering, have any of you ever thrown a birthday party for your kitten? And how could I go about it? If anyone has ideas or suggestions for cake, gifts, etc., anything, please let me know.
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Nope - I don't think I ever held birthday parties for my pets. I'd give them an extra special treat they normally don't get, but parties???? No
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We've never had a party for the pets, but the dog does get a cake with candles and we sing happy birthday and she gets a big pretty bow on her collar (she has a queen crown too) and a present... the cat is not a fan of flaming food, so we just open a cup of wet food and sing happy birthday while he looks at us like we have 9 heads and just wants his darn food haha.... he also gets a present
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We put party hats on the cats and the dog always comes, too. I cook a big meal and all the kitties sit at the table and we all eat together. Then I bring out the cake and we sing and even do a little dancing. Ok Im kidding!!
I do always cook them something special that day.

I think you will find that whatever you do, your kitty wont care
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dog yes... cat no
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Its a nice idea but I don't think your little lady will have the foggiest idea what is going on. I'd just cook her a piece of fish or chicken (no bones) and give her lots of attention. (Don't give her too much rich food that she isn't used to though, as this might upset her stomach... not a good birthday treat!) Have fun whatever you decide!
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Forrest will be one year old this Saturday the 24th. My husband and I have made a date to go out to dinner to celebrate (ok...any excuse for a night out is good ). Maybe he might get a leftover shrimp brought home for a treat.

I don't think he really cares how old he is. He seems more concerned if his meals are on time than anything. I'll probably take a picture so I'll remember how he looks at 1 year.
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Not a party in the traditional sense, with guests and such, but we have a 'kitty birthday party' of the kind I think they enjoy: I get the cats something new, bring out a lot of toys from the bin and put them all around the living room, sprinkle some catnip around, and just play with the cats, fuss over them and make them the center of attention until they've had enough and are ready for a meal and a nap. Then they get a special treat of fancy feast or sardine meat.
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Well, I've never been a mom before so sorry if it seemed like a silly question.

I took some suggestions. Bella went with me to PetSmart. We picked out two new toys, both with feathery material on them (her favorite), and got her a can of tuna and chicken wet food. I put it in her bowl and sang happy birthday to her, and she has been playing her new toys ever since she ate.

She was SO good in the store. I thought she'd be so skittish and try to get away. But no, she sat holding on to my shoulder while we shopped, and let cute little old ladies pet her. They talked about how "sweet" and "well-behaved" she was; of course, I was beaming like a proud mommy.

Thanks for all the ideas, I really appreciate the help!

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It sounds like she had a great birthday!

Happy Birthday Beautiful!
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Happy Birthday, Bella!

I'm glad you had fun with her!
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Happy Birthday Bella!

Yes, when my friend's kids were small we used to have Birthday Parties for our cats, and on Christmas we would have a birthday cake to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

The cats really didn't care so long as they got some treats for dinner, and the rest of us got cake
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