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Best vacuum for a cat house

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I have three cats, two ferrets and god awful shag carpet. What's worse, the shag carpet is NEW--wasn't this stuff bad enough the first time around?! I'm currently using the Eureka Capture bagless and finding it to be near useless. It works for a while and then it clogs horribly. (I've had it less than 9 months)

I'm thinking of getting a new vacuum. I'm actually thinking of paying Dyson's highway robbery price for a vacuum. I'm replacing at least some of the carpet with hardwood within a year, so I am looking at the Dyson canister. Any opinions pro or con?

Any other recommendations for a vacuum that is good a getting up pet hair and litter tracks? I'm not willing to pay more than the $500-600 that Dyson demands and that is painful enough.

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Someone on here recently had started a thread that included pictures of what her new dyson animal had picked up after she used her old vacuum and WOW! Everything I've heard about dyson (my aunt and step-uncle have one and also did the new vac/old vac test) is positive... I'd say it's worth the extra dough - I plan to get one as soon as I can... money is the issue lol but I have no problem pay it for the dyson once I have it available lol
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The Dyson Animal by far!!

I liked her results so much that I got my own! Here is my test.
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Best Vacuum EVER made!!!!!!!

My husband recently bought me the Dyson DC 17 after our last crappy vacuum (oreck) died. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Dyson!!!! I have 4 cats and two dogs so fur can be a problem....we really needed a good vaccume cleaner that would not only be great on picking up fur/etc but also help with my asthma and allergies. This little baby has surpassed all my expectations! I LOVE it! It's worth every single penny! I can not recommend Dyson's enough!!!!!

(it works amazingly well on all surfaces!)
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I have hardwood floors which I use my Dyson on and area rugs. I swear your rugss will look like new after using the Dyson. It will make you sick to think that you thought it was clean before the Dyson. The Dyson is truly an amazing vacuum. I mine.
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I have to be contrary here. Consumer Reports has the Sears Kenmore Progressive as better at picking up animal hair than the Dyson Animal, and it goes on sale for half the price. I ran the "dyson test" when I bought my Kenmore and it worked remarkably well. I had been using a top of the line Simplicity before that and vacuumed with that machine right before using the Kenmore. I filled up the cannister after vacuuming an 8-10 area rug.

I paid $249 for mine.
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I am now a dyson convert ... Yes in the initial stage the kenmore does beat it but I was using a progressive and the dyson beats it hands down it pulled out four canisters full the progressive left in my carpet
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I checked Consumer Reports. The Kenmore Progressive was their best buy, and I was all set to buy it because I like the price tag more. Then I read the user reviews at Consumer Reports. Overall users seemed more satisfied with the Dyson. Thanks for all the feedback and keep it coming.

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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
I am now a dyson convert ... Yes in the initial stage the kenmore does beat it but I was using a progressive and the dyson beats it hands down it pulled out four canisters full the progressive left in my carpet
Now that's good to know!
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I have a Bissell PowerTrak that cost less than $100. I am just amazed at how well it works, and how quickly it can pick up a full canister of cat hair on what looks like fairly clean carpet.

But here's an admission: I'm really bad about "settling," taking a cheaper item than I really wanted. I got the bad habit from my mother, who taught me what cheap was all about.
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I don't have much to compare it to, but I love our Dyson. It works incredibly well and has been ultra reliable.
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I love our Dyson as well. I wouldn't have dreamed of spending so much on a vacuum cleaner, but my boyfriend got it at an awesome price (employee accommodation ) and we decided to get it. I will never go back to another vacuum. It picks up so much cat hair and dirt from our little apartment.
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Another vote for Dyson here! I've had my Dyson Animal for 6 years now and it is still going strong. Even when I think my floors look clean, this thing still picks up loads of fur and dust - it's amazing! I my Dyson!
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I do so love my Dyson.

But here's MY admission: I was recently given a Shark rechargable carpet sweeper for free, and I find that it is great at picking up fur tumbleballs, so I use it for "in-between" vacuuming.

But for a real, deep down clean, that Dyson is unbeatable, IMHO.
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I have the Eureka The Boss 4870 Smartvac. It works well for us, a Dyson is cost prohibitive for us anyway.
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