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I just got Wii! :)

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I bought it for my boyfriend for our anniversary (well, I bought it mainly because I have been itching to play Mario Kart so bad! And also because I hear you can download all or most classic Nintendo games on it...so instead of buying a used old Nintendo system, I bought Wii.) My boyfriend is *trying* to set it up right now....from past "technical stuff" experience, this may take a while.
Does anyone else have this, and how do you download new games?
I can't wait to play!! Yahooooo!
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I didnt know you can download games onto it... iplayed on it once and absolutely love it, bowling was my favourite. I definetely have to buy one and get Wii fit and guitar hero for wii
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hehe we have a wii and its awesome! You MUST get Mario Kart! You get points (by putting in credit card info and buying them) and then download them from your internet connection. Its really easy!
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So far we played all the Wii sports and we did go get Mario Kart but I got really frustrated with the wheel. I am used to the old Nintendo controller and I had a heck of a time steering. So we bought the classic controllers today and we're going to play tonight. My body is sore from jumping around playing Wii sports! It's a good workout! lol
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I have a Wii and love it. I have Wii Fit on pre order and will get it Weds. I love Mario Galaxy and Crash the best. I have Wii Sports and some other Games too.
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Played on the Wii round my friend's house for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and it was so much fun, especially the bowling and Mario Karts. Still can't believe I only played Mario on there once and beat her! I found it so funny

I would love to get hold of my own, but the space in the living room isn't that great so moving about for certain games is limited.
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Mario Galaxy is really fun! I think my favourite is WarioWare: smooth moves, if you really get into it its just like a workout
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