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Cylene, only a year old

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I stopped by the shelter I volunteer at today to get pictures of Kitten Central upstairs and was informed of some very sad news. Cylene, one of four kittens and one of two lady ocicats in her litter, was hit by a car last week in her new home. She was an indoor cat, but the owner had someone over that had left a door open.

I wish I could post a picture of her, but I don't have any good ones - apparently while she was alive, this is the best I got:

She was a very sweet girl, and a surprise at going last because of how friendly and affectionate she was. She was a kitten when Lorelei was still there and was one of many kittens she played "mama" with. It just breaks my heart that after she finally found her forever home, she was taken so suddenly. Her owner was heart broken to lose such a wonderful pet too soon.

Bye bye Cylene. I know you will be waiting for your siblings to show them how much fun you've had.
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What an awful tragedy! Her new owner must be devastated, feeling guilty because now this had happened, and probably very upset at the person who left the door opened.
At least Cylene did get to go to a forever home, to know what it was like to have toys, a family, love, affection, etc., even though her stay there was short.
Play happily over RB, Cylene - you are in our Forever Home now!
Please send my condolences to Cylene's grieving owner.
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So sorry she died so soon after getting a Home.
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This is so sad I don't think i'd forgive the person who left the door open like that

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What a sad story. Rest in Peace Cylene.
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