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I dont feel good.

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this is a thread were we can just post when we dont fell good.i know its sounds dumb but its a good way to vent about not felling good.
ok my arm is killing me an my stomich is acting up.
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Aww, I hope you feel better soon
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Sorry you don't feel well. I actually feel pretty good today for once. Usually something is always bothering me. My stomach or my back. Or my head will hurt.
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Feel better soon!

Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Sorry you don't feel well. I actually feel pretty good today for once. Usually something is always bothering me. My stomach or my back. Or my head will hurt.
Today I've got a sore throat and a raw nose. I assume it's allergies since I was cleaning mold yesterday.
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Apparently, there is a muscle behind my jaw because something sure as heck is tight! It's like, if I put my fingers behind my jaw, I can feel it. It doesn't hurt, though. It's more like a nuisance. My left shoulder was hurting, but that's better now

I have a slight headach though.
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Sorry to hear of those who do not feel well. For you all!

I feel horrible today. I got my period yesterday and I have really bad cramps. They are quite painful. I just took some ibuprophen so I am hoping that helps soon. I don't feel like doing anything so I am just laying in bed. I feel very tired and my nose is a little stuffy.
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...weird thread ..uh?....
I´m so sorry my dear friends ...
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
For all you get well soon...
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I had surgery last tuesday (half of a tubal ligation- I only had 1 tube) and ever since I would swear that I am pregnant. I am exhausted, have to pee all the time, even waking in the night to pee, have felt nauseas, and have started to be moody. Unless I somehow concieved before having surgery I guess I am going crazy.
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I can feel my you-know-what coming on and I just feel weird all over (TMI I know lol)
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I've had a headache all day.
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I hope you all feel better soon!

I feel pretty good..except I ran today farther than ever before and my legs feel like they might rip off
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Today has been pretty awful, I guess it wasn't the mold that got me... apparently I'm getting a cold. Whenever I get a cold I have one day where I can't swallow without gagging and have a ton of air in my chest/stomach. That day has been today.
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Well add me to the club!
I woke up today and my throat was on fire and scratchy... I've had like some sneezing and a little stuffiness from allergies the past few weeks but nothing like this... I'm doing like every trick in the book too - it's a little better but still hurts a lot... just making me feel like crap all over

I'm wondering if one of my baby cousins is sick - there are 4 of them (all brothers/sisters lol) and we visited them on Saturday... won't be surprised if my uncle emails my mom about them being sick

This bites - we have no chloroseptic in the house either and my mom has my car for the second day in a row cuz her's is in the shop... I don't really like chloroseptic as it kinda makes me gag, but the numbing is what I really need right now... until mom gets home I'm gargling with 50/50 water peroxide, sucking on zinc zicam tablets, eating garlic, taking vitamin C... I have this Adobe file that's all Amish tricks for sore throats so I'm trying all the ones I can haha

Ok, I'm done whining.... for now
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Hope you are feeling better today ChanceofRayne! Continued Feel Better
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I've not been feeling at my best today and Beauty's been scratching a lot. It's either an intolerance to her flea treatment (recently started her on a new flea treatment) or it's ants.

Been tired, feeling ill, etc.
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A perfect place to post!
Today I feel crappy because my first day back after the long weekend, I didnt get half of what I planned Friday to finish! Way to begin the already short week...
Sending all my good vibes to the other posters in this thread!!!!
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Ugh, after five days of very bad nerve pain above my front tooth over the weekend I went to the dentist. He kept prodding around that area "Does this hurt? How about here?" -...No, of course not. I was jerking and trying to pull my face away because it felt good!
Now my face is swollen - I can't close my lips, and the pain is worse!
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