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My nerves are shot, I dont want to kill my cat.(PLEASE READ!!)  

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I have read through the inappropriate peeing thread and I have done most everything suggested. I dont want to have my cat put to sleep as he is a super affectionate and fun cat to own, but I cant get him to stop marking!!! There is no place here that will adopt him besides the "pound" which is simply certain death. My parents suggest I pay a vet to euthanize him, which I dont know if I could do.

Quick history: My cat, Jasper, is a male cat around 4 years old who was fixed at 6months old. The last couple years, I noticed him CONSTANTLY (10-20x/day) doing the "backing up and tail shaking" to walls, furniture etc. During this time, I was living at another apartment with a roomate, and the place was basically a pig stye most of the time(and his litterbox wasnt kept clean). It never even occurred to me that he might be spraying because every time I saw him do this behavior, he wasnt peeing. Well, obviously he WAS peeing some of the time because when we moved my couch, it smelled like it had been saturated in urine 1000 times!! Needless to say we threw the couch away.

When I moved into my new place(by myself), I kept him with a clean litterbox and a clean apartment. I thought surely he wouldnt continue with a clean litterbox, but he did. What I dont understand, is I see him doing the "spraying dance" CONSTANTLY!! Its like he fricking lives to spray! Sometimes, when he's anxious or hyper, I may see him do it 10 times in 10 minutes, but he doesnt actually spray anything. He does spray though. I have seen him do it in front of me, and when I'm not home. When he actually does spray, the "spray dance" is much more crouched and agressive. He only lets out one little squirt but its enough to piss me off royally. I've caught him numerous times and yelled, but it does nothing. I even put his food bowl next to my leather couch(one of his favorite spray targets) and the sonofabitch lifted his ASS SO HIGH THAT HE WAS ABLE TO SPRAY ABOVE HIS FOODBOWL without getting any pee on it!! I couldnt believe it!!

I've tried cleaning the spots thoroughly, scolding, moving food bowls and 2months of 2x/day feliaway spray. The feliaway did slow or almost stop the spraying for a little while, but now it seems to have no effect. I bought and installed one of the Feliaway plugins and he has since sprayed twice RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME not 2 feet away from the Plugin.

He cant see any cats where we live. he is a very needy and whiney cat.. I dont understand why he's so obsessed for spraying, its like he lives to spray.. I swear sometimes I think he's just going through the motions of spraying until he has some more urine to spray!

I give him an adequate amount of attention and playtime(at least 30minutes a day of petting etc) and he always likes to be near me unless he's whining to go outside which I never let him out) He seems to be obsessed with going outside and catching birds he sees in the windows and whines alot and exhibits spraying behavior during these times.

I dont want to get rid of him or have him put to sleep.. someone please help me!
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The one thing I'm not seeing....and perhaps you didn't include it....is have you taken him to the vet to be evaluated??

Ok..my bad....this is from 2003.

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hey..like i read in another thread.. some fixing operations are not complete..even little testical tissue can produce testosterone.. so i suggest u check with ur vet whether the operation needs to be redone.
Also.. jst a thought.. get him to mate with a female cat dude.. I think the desire to go outside can be explained more in terms of wanting to mate!.. so if hes so hyper and perhaps sexaholic :P lol.. put an ad in local papers to find a pretty female cat for this little bad boy.. Best of luck
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Um no DO NOT let him mate with a female cat. I wasn't going to respond to such an old thread but I could let this one go. In this situation, the cat needs to go back to the vet and see if something went wrong with his neutering and it wasn't done properly.

Allowing him to just get with another female to mate is a BAD IDEA and completely irresponsible and stupid. This board is about promoting spaying and neutering and not unecessarily breeding cats just for the heck of it. What is going to happen to the female and all the kittens if this person were to take your advice Ktulu?
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This thread is 2 years old
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yes we know that, obviously ktulu didnt and i was just responding to what he said, not to the original post
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