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Some Back yard pictures....

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I am not near as good at taking pictures as some of you guys on here...but I did give it a try!

There are two of them, Mom and I found them while moving brush we actually didnt find them until we tipped them out of their nest...We felt horrible we just didnt see it...and they dont make any noise yet. There were 3 of them but the third one was killed when the nest was tipped I am very happy to see that these guys are doing well...There mom was out there watching me while I took pictures as soon as I stepped away she flew back to them with lunch

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What kind of bird is it?
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They are baby Sparrows.
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Oh my! They are so tiny!
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Aww! Great pictures.
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I promised mom Id keep an eye on them because she was so upset when we tipped their nest the other day...They seem to be doing very well! At first we didnt think the mom would come back to took her a while to find the nest but she did come back after about an hour.
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awww, don't feel bad hon, it was an accident I'm glad to hear the other two are doing well and the momma found the nest. Very nice pictures!
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Awww, they are so cute! Great pictures!
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Wow! Look at them! So glad they're doing well!
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Great shots there, yes accidents happen, but I was wondering is there anyway you can level the nest up a bit? because as they grow up, one or more of them are going to fall out.
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the mom built the nest on the ground in the branches...and now there isnt anywhere to put them
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Awww. I think you did just a wonerful job taking the photos!
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