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Sunday!! What's on Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Another cool and rainy one here this morning..I am sure glad I am not one of those people who are spending the long weekend camping..Give me a nice warm bed any day.

Heading off to work in a bit, have tons of catch-up to do today because of the computer issue from yesterday. Hoping to get done by 3 though.

Nothing special planned for afterwards, just home and a nice hot shower. My knees are really giving me what for with all this damp weather.

The kitties again have decided rainy days aren't their thing and have all went back to sleep. They are all piled in a big grey/white furry pile in the center of my bed.

Everyone have a good one
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Church, and then going to Target to look for more kitty supplies! I pick up my new arrival in just a few weeks!
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I went to church, now just waiting for my parents to get here and hopefully going to go out to the Market to look around. Then dinner with the parents.
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booked my wedding photographer today

been looking online for some venues

I am all wedded up in my head!
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Morning all Last night my nephew Cooper spent the night with us- so this morning I woke up and we all had a nice little breakfast. After that we watched cartoons with him and now my nephews is outside helping DH cut some wood to finish out the attic while i look around at differnt job offers.
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I brought my boyfriend to work, and then went to Target and Blockbuster. Now I'm cleaning and packing and wrapping presents to bring to Vermont for a couple days. My boyfriend's nieces and nephew are up with his sister from NC, so we're going over to spend a couple days with them. I can't wait, it's going to be a lot of fun
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Good afternoon!

This morning started off looking cloudy and nasty, but shaped up to be blue & sunny! We picked up a 23' boat today ... our first boat (Rob's family had a 16', small fishing boat once; my dad has had 3 or 4 bigger speedboats since I was born too). I was just out there washing the outside. We got an AWESOME deal on it, and I think we're gonna have amazing amounts of fun on it - especially since we live on the coast of SC and there's tons of rivers, waterways, lakes, and the ocean. The neighbor came over and said he was insanely envious

We have to go to the store later, and then maybe relax the rest of our Sunday!
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Windy, cool and off-and-on rain. Did some cleaning, hubby and I went grocery shopping and I've got a pot roast on for dinner. Our daughter went to Orillia with her church group for a young people weekend. I hope her weather is better than what we are getting. Not nice weather for a long holiday weekend.
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