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A few home town pics

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With the weather forecast not looking good it was off to town again at about 7.30 this morning. Grabbed a few shots came back home and I couldnt believe the wife was still in bed

The park which is local to us, the metal railings are all being restored through a lottery grant. They were taken down during the war and were supposed to be used for making tanks and planes etc, but apparently it was just propaganda to get everybody into throwing out all their unwanted saucepans etc for recycling. Most of the railings were just dumped in the channel. There is one of the bandstand which they still use, and one of the gatekeepers cottage which is at one of the entrances to the park.

These are of Great Pultney Street, and part of the Royal Crescent.

Dont ask me what this is about because I cannot stretch my head up far enough to read it

Part of one of the many old bridges in Bath.

A short stroll home via the canal.

The wife is now up and about and screaming her head off, she was hoovering the bedroom and moved the bed out the way, and this little field mouse jumped out from under the bed I got him to say cheese and let him go. MINNIE!!!!!!!!!!

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The writing on the wall is the Magna Carta, translated into English.
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I love the canals. I've always told myself that if I ever win the lottery, I'll have a canal boat as a summer home.

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Beautiful pictures!
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Thanks for that Mrblanche, I always did wonder. I should have asked somebody really.
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Those are really gorgeous pics!
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The photos - some of them at least - look as though they have been given a special photographic treatment... posterized or something. Very cool.
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Wow! Those are great!
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Lovely pictures, i love bandstands.
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Your pictures are so beautiful!! I think I am in the wrong country...though Im sure you could take some lovely pictures here as well! I would but I dont have much talent when it comes to taking pictures!
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Yes I did play about with them, I think I might have over done it though. Believe me guys whoops!! and gals, I am totaly jealous of those sunsets and horizons you get over there. Still who knows, if I come up on the lottery I will travel over to ya. You have been warned!!
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Wonderful photographs! I always wondered what it would be like to live someplace where a building isn't "ancient" if its 100 years old

Don't you get sunsets over there?
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Well we do get sunsets and sunrises Bonnie, but where we are situated it really depends on the weather and obviously air quality. Yes in different parts of the Uk there are places like the Lake District for instance that have awsome backdrop scenery for taking pictures of sunsets
It just means travelling a distance to get there, still when I have time on my hands
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beautiful pictures. i love UK
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I really enjoyed looking at all those pictures. Thanks!
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Those photos are amazing!! I love the canal & all the old buildings Thank you so much for sharing!!
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