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I had a furry visitor on my bed last night

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Beauty decided last night she wanted to sleep on my bed for most of the night! I love it when she does that!

Sadly she didn't stay on my bed all night. She doesn't usually come on my bed during the night - it's usually the daytime she sleeps on my bed!
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Awww ... I wish my Ruby would do that!
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I sometime wish that Arwen could stay on my bed all night, but unfortunately my parents don't allow the cats to stay indoors at night unless it is winter.

She will quite happily stay there all day as it suits her though And it takes AGES to get her to go outside...I have to pick her up and cradle her like a baby otherwise she won't go!
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George goes through his "where to sleep at night" phases - and he's back on the bed (for now) He's not a cuddler but its nice to know he's there.
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Mine sleep on my bed all night except for Seldon who sleeps under the bed. When I get up all three of them come with me for breakfast.
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When Fiona decides she wants a cuddle and comes on the bed it is the highest honor! Unfortunately if Ree Ree knows she is up on the bed he comes and gets her off....he is very territorial of my bed.

But for those few moments when we get to cuddle together it is the sweetest thing. She is so furry and tiny....I love her

She has always liked to sleep alone, so I know she is needing love if she comes to nap with me.

My other two have made my bed their home. They sometimes look made when I want to take a nap
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It is so sweet to wake up to a furry little sleepy face Mine sleeps next to me every night, and follows me around all day. When she was a kitten she slept on top of my head, then my armpit, now she kinda tucks me in bed and then goes off to do cat stuff and comes back a little later to snuggle. Every morning my fiance has to fight over who gets to snuggle me. Its a wonderful time of day
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Blossom comes to bed after the lights are turned off. She gets between my hubby & me. Hubby goes to work at 5 am & lately I wake up with Blossom snuggled into my back. Cosey as the nights & early mornings are getting colder.
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My two cats would probably love to sleep with me all night, every night. Unfortunately, I can't sleep unless I'm able to move around, turn over, find a comfortable position, etc. Those times when I do let them in my bedroom when I'm in bed, one will settle down on my right side and one will settle down on my left. So I'm the meat part of a kitty sandwich. They are pinning down the covers on both sides (with 13 lbs and 9 lbs of cat), so I can hardly move.
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