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How much to feed 1 day old kittens?

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I have three 1 day old, abandoned kittens that I am going to be bottle raising and hopefully get back into good health, but was wondering how much I should be feeding them? I read in one beek that their mothers usually give them on average about 1ml of milk every hour, I am currently feeding them between 1-2mls of milk every 2 hours or so. I am also having a hard time keeping them warm but have managed to raise their body temp. dramatically. Does anyone have a list, table of how much and how often to be feeding them? It has been years since I bottled raised Squeeker and I just don't remember and they are so itty bitty! Please send good vibes that these 3 little men will make it!
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try looking here: the essentials of kitten nutrition
good luck!
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I have a 13 day old that I've had since birth (removed the umbilical and placenta myself) so this is all fresh in my mind! I was told by my vet to prepare 3ml every 2 hours and let her have as much as she wants. For the first couple of feeds she only took 1.5-2ml but after that started taking the full 3ml. I slowly upped the feeds from around day 5 to 4ml/2 hours and she's now on 10ml every 3 hours. She had some diarrhea in her first week which the vet fixed by lowering the feeds slightly. If they get constipated, increase the feeds (and slightly increase the water to powder ratio too) and add a drop or two of olive oil to no more than one feed a day. The first few days I had a lot of trouble keeping the babies warm and I'm sure that's why Bubble died. However as soon as someone suggested the rice-bag things were perfect. I filled a sock with rice and tied the ends, and then put it in to an emptied out teddy bear. Baby thinks it's mum and clings to the heat! Microwave at every feed - if the sock isn't warm at the feed chances are there's too long between the feeds anyway! Be gentle with the stimulating when they pee/poo as my Squeak now has a sore bottom - I'll be trying the baby cream thing later and I'll let you know how that works. Good luck with the babies, pics pics pics!
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Thanks for the advice-it was a long first night with them , but I recieved them around 11:00am yesterday and the were lifeless, little ice cubes, but I thought lets give it a chance! They are now warmer-I am using IV fluid bags that we had at work and warming them in the microwave every hour or so. They are now much more active, meowing, screaming and full of life!!!! I am really keeping my fingers crossed for these little guys. I think we may name them Snap, Crackle and Pop-since when I was holding them last night while watching TV and trying to keep them warm they sounded just like Rice Crispies cereal does. Very cute, I will try and get my husband to post some pics on here as soon as he can-i am terrible with the whole computer thing.
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I do hope your babies survive, but unless you are pretty skilled in newborn kittens you will probably lose them at being so very young (less then a week old). I wish you luck. Try not to be too optimistic of them surviving.

I have no idea how much and how often a day old kitten should be eating. I had a one time experience of a newborn rex kitten. Mom would not nurse him (she had litters before) and I could not get him to take a tiny baby bottle. Wound up losing the little one at less then a week old.
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found some more info: hand-rearing kittens
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I am experienced in itty bitty kitties, but it has been years since I have done this so I was just needing a reminder. I also work for an all cat hospital and can always get the 24 hour care that is needed for such little guys.
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Good, then you may get them to survive How are they doing?
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I am pleased to report that they are doing GREAT!!!! It was a touchy first 48 hours trying to keep their body temperature up, but they are warm and snuggly now and eating like champs. Even the vet that I work for was amazed that I got them through the weekend, so keep fingers crossed we can make it through the first week.
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I am full of admiration! Good vibes for these little ones and for you - you will be exhausted.
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We also have an 11 mos old daughter so sleep was a thing that I have come to do without, so what the heck right? I am just glad to see them doing so well, we have nick-named them Snap, Crackle and Pop since they sound like Rice Crispies when you are cuddling them with all their little noises that they make. I will try to send pics soon!!!
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Bad news-last night 2 of the 3 took a turn for the worse and now are dehydrated and lethargic. I had the vet take a look today and we gave them fluids and I am now tube feeding them instead of the bottle. Keep your fingers crossed that these little guys make it.
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I have some very sad news to report-the littlest of all 3 died this morning while I was holding him. I feel horrible, but I also know in my heart I did everything possible to prevent it. He is hopefully resting in peace now. The other two seems to be doing a little better this morning, but the 2nd smallest one is still a little lethargic and still not wanting to suckle so I am still tube feeding him. i just hope that I can get the other two healthy and happy so they can grow up big and strong and find loving families.
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Here's prayers and vibes for the surviving ones.
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