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Omg!!! Soooo Scary!!!!!

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I totally forgot to mention this earlier!!!
I was at the Shelter earlier today, and around noon my mom called my cell... I answered it and on the other line was my mom saying "LIZ GET CONNIE!! KUMAR'S HAVING A SEIZURE!!!!
My heart jumped into my throat as I ran from one end of the Shelter to the other to get my Boss. When I finally got there my Boss said there was nothing we could do except wait it out... well that min was one of the longest min in my life!! Kumar finally came out of it and my mom was calming him down while we tried to determine what caused the Seizure.
Well last night I noticed a 1in Scar on the back of Kumar's head... so it could be from whatever caused that or it could be hereditary... or lots of other things.. we wont know for sure. My Boss said to document it.. so encase it happens again we'll know if it happens often or if it was a one time thing.
Omg was that scary! ive never had an animal.. nor a person, I knew have a Seizure... I sooo hope he doesnt have another one!!

Does anyone here have a dog that has Seizures?? and if so.. can you give me hints to coping with it??
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One of our Cocker Spaniels is epileptic. It's scary, but he only has them every once in a while. He doesn't need medication or anything, basically the only thing we have to do special for him is make special arrangements for his grooming visits. He stresses out majorly when he's in the cage, and the stress sent him into a seizure once. So now we work it out so that he's there for as little time as possible, and haven't had any problems with that since. After the first couple of times, it gets less scary as you learn the signs that something is coming on, and what to expect.

We took Graham to the vet after his first one to get a thorough check-up and do blood tests to make sure nothing was causing them. It's always a good idea for the vet to at the very least be informed when a dog has its first seizure.
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My dalmation lived to be 15 years old and had epilepsy her last 4 years. She would have seizures a lot. The first time I cried and cried! I was so scarred for my poor baby! We had her on meds for the seizures, but they still happened every once in a while.

My advice. Just remember there's nothing you can do but comfort them. It seemed to help my girl when I layed next to her, petted her, and talked to her. She looked so scared It's an awful thing to go through.
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