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ERRRRRR!!! *Venting.. kinda*

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How can someone do something half a** and expect it to work!!?

So some of you know im putting fencing up for the dogs... I got half of it done with no problem and it looks fine, I only asked my brother for help once cause I couldnt get the stakes in the ground deep enough... so he helped me.
Today when I got back from the Shelter I started working on the other half of the fence... only I needed help with almost all of it as we were putting up about 30-40FT of fence. He had no problem helping me... now I was putting the fencing up because im the only on in the house that can take time doing something and not rush into it.
We started putting the fencing up with no problem... then as we neared the end of our project my brother started: barely putting the post into the ground, sticking the bolts in the ground to hold the fence down in retarded places that didnt need it, yelling at me, panicking about the dogs getting out, etc... only to, in the end not finish it and say "its fine like that".
It wasnt fine!!!... I told him I needed to add the fence door and he totally ignored me, he said he wasnt worried about the dogs getting out.. or us getting in... well when his dog disappears, he better not blame it on me!!!

Im so mad right now cause I know my mom is gonna blame me for it cause of course Justins the goody goody that does nothing wrong!... and I cant even get the dogs in/out of the fence!!... im so sick of this place!

Oh and on top of it all... he's getting ready to go to the Bar... AGAIN!!!
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I'm sorry. I hope you feel better and he will help you fix the fence properly asap!
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