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Mollys kittens two weeks

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Here is an update on Mollys kittens who are two weeks old.

A couple of them have had a weepy eye but i have been bathing them and they are getting better. Other than that they are all gaining well, all now have
their eyes open and are walking around on their jelly legs

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Major Swoon
They look so healthy and those colors are sooo stunning!!!! You are doing a wonderful job
But for two weeks, they look pretty darn big - are you sure they're not part bobcat Is Molly or the tom a large size cat??
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Those are all sooo cute! The two with white faces are my favorite. I think my next kitties a long long time from now will have a pattern like that.
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Thank you

Yes the tom is a big cat and very long haired so i think that has something to do with it.. I cant take all the credit though, Molly is a fantastic mother

Shes very happy for us all to hold and cuddle the kittens and just sits back and observes us to make sure we are doing it right

Will keep you updated with new pics each week.
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Oh my goodness what adorable little baby cakes
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They are HUGE compared to my little fosters, each of whom I can hold in one hand. I think mine are two weeks old too. I love the little squirmy things at that age - they just do not yet know what life is all about!
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Wow! They are big! That second picture looks so fierce! Makes me want to squeeze him. So cute!!
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