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IAMs should be ashamed!

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Just got a news flash from PETA


See for yourself.
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I couldn't finish reading that - it was horrible.

That is the problem when a small(ish) brand gets sucked up into a huge corporate machine. All integrity goes out of the window, and profit become the sole motivator.

Now I'm not against making a profit - but I do object to it being made at the expense of other humans/animals.
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Please don't get to sucked up in it- the outrage I mean. PETA always goes for the extreme in anything they champion. In my area, I have found that this sometimes means that they don't do the proper research and they go for the shock value, because for them it means more supporters, and more monies for them. I don't want to get flamed, so I will quit, but it has been my experience that once you start looking behind some of these causes that PETA champions and doing hard research (not just what is on the Internet) the story behind the scenes is sometimes much different than what the group who blew it out is claiming. I am saying this from a personal clash I had with PETA on the campus of OSU when my horse was in the vet school there. I did find it shameful of them that what they were claiming at the time that was going on there, really wasn't going on there at all. But, they got the attention they were seeking.
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and know this to be true as PETA is known as an extreme organization. They do get things out about many important things although they are very media oriented, and shocking gets the media.
I believe they have made an impact on the fur coat trade. Even if I don't agree with the way they went about it. Spraypainting fur coats will just further the trade as those people will just go and buy another coat.
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Personally, I don't like most of PETA's tactics. They and ALF have caused a lot of damage, here and have hurt more animals, than they have helped.

They broke into a lab, at the VA hospital and turned some dogs loose. Two of them wound up in the middle of a busy street. One was hit by a car and the other one was terrified. Fortunately, it was rescued, before it could be hurt.
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Well, like most of you I don't always agree with all the tactics of PETA and some other organizations, but a lot of their information even if taken to extremes does turn out to be truthful.
Iam's has always done things along these lines, but when teamed up with P&G it only intensifies.

I will not buy any IAM'S products ever again, there isn't an if and or butt about it, period.
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I think I'm going to be sick
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Just heard about this through a friend who contacted Iams- they are shutting down their contract facility and investigating these claims- they state they had no idea this went on.
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What makes me sad, is knowing that people will still feed this food, even after they find out about all this stuff. *sniff*

But that's them, not me.
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