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Kitten cuteness pictures!!!

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So, to tide me over while I impatiently wait for June 6th (the day I can pick my kitten up), the breeder has kindly sent me some pictures of her. She is the platinum point kitten (mostly white with platinum points).

Off topic but - what are the tips for eliminating red-eye? I know many of you have kitties with beautiful blue peepers!

Any naming suggestions are more than welcome, as well!

I just can't wait!

What do you think???
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She is sooooooooo cute!!
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
She is sooooooooo cute!!
are you just getting the one kitten?
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Oh good lord. The cuteness.

I would have loved to have a siamese.
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Thanks! Yes, I am just getting the one kitten. The natural solid girl just seems to be her buddy. They are actually Tonkinese, not Siamese.
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They are both beautiful, it would be so tough to choose.
So far I've gotten some of my best pictures in strong natural light, the only good photos I've gotten from Skyler have been outside. Or I will make the others look away from the camera, but that doesn't always work. And the red eye thing on my camera doesn't do much at all. Thank goodness for digital, I don't have to pay for those green & red eye shots.
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She's a doll baby....Like Shopcat said Natural light is the best for good eye pics
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Awwww she is so beautiful, so is her little friend, too

Another in agreement about natural light with pics.
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Aww she is gorgeous, no wonder you cant wait.

Same here for red eye, I only get good pictures in natural light, as soon as I use the flash I have red eye, I have tried removing them in photoshop, but I just cant get them right.
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Goodness, both of those kittens are adorable!

Everyone else who has mentioned natural light is absolutely right. The thing that causes red (or green) eye is flash. You can also try to correct it in Photoshop or another program, but the best way to avoid it is with natural light. You don't have to take your kitty outside, you just need to take photos during the day by nice, large windows.
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