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more kittens

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Chip, Fudgeeo, their mom Cookie and their sister Biscotti who was adopted before I got a photo were found in a box in a field

Chip and Fudgeeo

and their mom Cookie

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They are beautiful. It is amazing how they picked up mom's patterns on the face.
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They're gorgeous! Cute names.

Stupid people who leave cats/kittens in boxes. I just wanna
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what a gorgeous family! love their little red brick noses
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Those kitterns are almost twins......... what a gorgeous Momma and gorgeous babies, I love those sweet faces
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Love the names. They are perfect for those cuties.
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More precious than any jewels....
some fool left them in a box to die?

Their eyes shine brighter than any diamond.
Bravo to the the people who are making sure these sweet beings live and are loved.
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They are so cute!!
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They all went home today
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
They all went home today
Smiles are enough to celebrate this victory for these darling kitties.

Thay have homes.
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Oh my goodness!!!!!! I just LOVE that first photo! That is so sweet!!!
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