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I have you now, my pretty

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About 5 weeks ago, I bought the tribe a new incline scratch pad. This one was different from the older ones, as it had a hole in either side, with a "Da'bird" type feather birdie hanging inside. The birdie in the box worried the tribe to no end, with them spending several days batting at it;

Eventually, they lost interest; except for Freeway. Freeway was obsessed with the birdie in the box. And finally, this morning, after weeks of studying the ramp...he discovered how to disassemble it.

"Oh no you don't, you're not getting away that easily!"

"I have you now, my pretty!"

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Freeway is a smart kitty!
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Smart kitty!

Freeway is so handsome!
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He surpassed his mentor and partner-in-crime, Hobo! Hobo taught him too well!
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Too funny!
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Freeway's a cutie.
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Aww those pictures are too cute!! Nothing like a cat to make you smile
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"More than just a pretty (well, handsome) face!"
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The picture of them all sitting staring into the hole is just priceless!
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Freeway isn't only cute, he's smart
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O M Goodness! Look at how big and beautiful he grew to be He's got da looks AND the smarts!
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Love it! What a smart and determined cat!

I love the picture with the cats on each side of the scratcher - it looks like they're looking at each other through it.
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Awww, Freeway is one beautiful cat.
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