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Registered Naming?

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I know that my kitten will need a name that she is registered with, and a call name. What I'm a little confused about, is how to incorporate the two. I don't know exactly what kind of registered name she needs. I know that it will be Maytime's .... (the cattery is Maytime Tonkinese) but other than that - I'm at a loss! Are her parents names supposed to be in there somewhere? Any info would be helpful!
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Are you getting a chance to pick the registered name? Usually the breeder does that, and you just decide whatever you want to use as a pet name, that can be either part of the registered name or not. If you are choosing the registered name you should agree it with the breeder (the breeder is the one that fills in the forms to register the kitten), and you'll get a certain number of letters you can use after the cattery name. I was lucky and got to choose Sonic's registered name, but it's more usual for the breeder to name them.

Most pedigree cats have pet names that are either a shortened version of their registered name, or not at all similar - it's not necessary to have any similarity between the two, the pet name should be a name the kitten likes to respond to
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I named both of my Somalis and I used the name I was going to call them

(cattery) (I chose) (my cattery)

(cattery) (I chose) (my cattery)
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All the ones from the US have been my choice to pick out and the ones I am importing will be prenamed.
My own cats I named by what I call them or their call name is shortened from their registered name.
As for pets, pet families get to name their kittens and I will register that name so long as its appropriate. For example, my c litter was named:
Moonandstarkatz (in front of all kittens)
C Kisa Armandovna (the family picked Kisa)
C Plato Armandovich
C Socrates Armandovich
C Lince Armandovich
ect. you get the idea.

Breeding cats are the same except the names have to be either a traditional russian name or a showy name.

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Most breeders provide a registration slip to the new owners, without pre-naming the kitten.

The cattery name will always be the prefix to the given name.
As you mentioned, in your case it will be: Maytime

Depending on the registry, you will be alloted a certain number of letter spaces for the name you would like your cat to have.

It would be good if you came up with something a little unique, because the name you choose must be different than any other registered cat from Maytime cattery.

For example, if you wanted to name your cat Sunshine and you sent in your registration as Maytime Sunshine, the registry will check to see if there is any other cat with that name. If there is, your submission will be rejected and you will have to chose another name.

Most registries give you a first and second choice when you send your paperwork in.

You are not required to use the parents names in naming your cat. It's probably best if you do not incorporate their names.

I'd say think of something unique and then incorporate the "call name" into the registered name.

I.E. I purchased a silver bengal from Bluewater Cattery. I wanted him to have a cool show name and I wanted his name to reflect that his color is silver.
I named him Bluewater Full Metal Jacket

His call name is Jack.
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I adopted Jack's son, whom Kai Bengals named Maxwell as a kitten.

Meridian is Kai Bengals' cattery, and Max is a miracle kitty with a story behind him. So I named him Meridian Miracle Maxwell when I sent in the blue slip to TICA.

And I just call him Max. Or Maxie.
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All my cats' registered names are in malay...that way, I know that the names would not be refused!

For example:

Masmera Cahaya Bulan(which means Moonlight) call named Bu (or variations thereof, she understands)
Masmera Sinar Suria (which means Sunshine) call named Suria (see above...)
Masmera Kelip Bintang (which mean Twinkling Star) ...hmmm she has no call name she's just Bintang (star).

My new foundations is pre-named by me. The female's registered name (Cattery, can't tell, it's still a secret) Solehah of Masmera, call name is Lehah (the breeder is already calling her that).

My new red male will be ______________(also a secret ) Marikh of Masmera. His call name is Mars (which is what Marikh means).

And the other male will be called ___________ (am I secretive or what? ) Mithali of Masmera, call name is Ali.

Having said all that...I usually name all my kittens for registration. No issues for pet kittens, the new owners can change the name(s) since the kitten has not and will not be shown. But for CFA if the kitten HAS been shown under a registered name then the name CANNOT be changed.
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My breeder used to choose the registered name, then stopped for a while and now again chooses it. Here we are limited to 25 characters, including spaces.

I was able to choose Demetri's, then when Ana came along she already had a name but the breeder was kind enough to let me change it. Farley was already registered as he was 5 months so I didn't get to pick his name.

All their call names are different to the registered names
Ozspots Silk Truffle - Demetri
Ozspots Satin Mousse - Anastasia
Ozspots Lord Arlington - Farley (If I'd gotten to choose his name he'd be Ozspots Fudge Fantasy)
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Thank you for all of the wonderful help and information! At least now I know what to expect! Now I'm just counting down the days until I can bring her home! And...trying to pick a name
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The parent's names do not have to be part of the registered name. Only the breeder's cattery (and yours if you have one). Many times the registered name has nothing to do with what you call the cat (like his/her "nickname").

Do you have a "theme" - like flowers, trees, candy, etc? Or you can name by the color of the points. You can look up on the net popular cat names and put some together.

I used to try and name my cats with "T" names cause my cattery is TC.

My two Ocicats have names with movies and their color. Charlie is Charlie Wonka (after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as he is a chocolate spotted.

Jack will be Cpt. Jack Sparrow (after the Pirates of the C. movies).
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No, the kitten is just for me. She will be my only cat - so no theme yet! Thanks for all of the advice!
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I have got to choose names for all my cats on registration. The cattery name always being the prefix on the paper.
Back in the 80's I had Scottish folds that I registered because I wanted to show them.

My Bengal and 2 Abyssinians I have the registration papers but I have not sent them in. This just reminded me that one day I should do this. They are not show cats.
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Originally Posted by abbycats View Post
My Bengal and 2 Abyssinians I have the registration papers but I have not sent them in. This just reminded me that one day I should do this. They are not show cats.
Just a nudge - I say just register them anyway. Proof of pedigree is in the paper! And, as an Aby breeder especially register the Abys! (hopefully Nial will grin when he reads this!)
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