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Saturday! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

Rainy and cool here this morning, not a nice morning at all.

Heading off to work earlier then normal seems to be a glitch in the computer there. Isn't it always the way if something is going to act up it has to be on a long weekend when getting a hold of service people is like hunting for buried treasure..
Hopefully it is something that can be repair with a reset.

Nothing special planned for this evening except home and to bed early.
Didn't sleep very well last night and am a bit on the exhausted side today.

The kitties are good, took one look outside at the weather and all went back to bed..Lucky kitties.

Everyone have a good one
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Not too much today, except I'm going to redo the rose garden. Pull out all the dead leaves from the tree, try to add more dirt, and then remulch the area.

I still need to clean the house up a bit so I need to do that later on.
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Dottie's 90-year-old mother is visiting us for a couple of weeks. This afternoon, we're having an open house for friends to drop by, meet (or re-meet) her, cook a few hot dogs and burgers, etc.

Sometime this morning, I'm going to drive the hot rod up to a trucking company terminal where some of our drivers are competing in a skills contest and our company is serving some food.

It's supposed to be clear and 90 today.
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Hopefully John will wake up soon and then I think we're going to go to some yard sales and the grocery store. Then we'll work outside for awhile before the rain hits.
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its kind of cool here this morning but going to get to the mid 70s by the afternoon but theres a chance of rain...
The cats are running around like complete idiots which is confusing Google because he tries to play with them and they just hiss and smack at him still poor little guy!
I am getting ready to head to work here in a little while that wont be too much fun though. And then tonight I think we are just hanging out around the house, not real sure yet! Hopefully if it doesnt rain we can hang out outside and use our new patio furniture!
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Its already 86 and its only 9 here. We are going to The Taste of Turlock today.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Its already 86 and its only 9 here. We are going to The Taste of Turlock today.
Not quite as hot here, 24 C , 75 F, but it is supposed to be 95 F.

Going to salsa class and maybe car shopping. I am making a grilled whole trout tonight and I have never made it before. The fish is one sale and it is too hot to cook inside anyway.

Probably going to our local wine store for a tasting.

Just keeping cool.
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Apparently its 17c here today. I haven't been outside yet, but it doesn't look like its warm. Its cloudy, windy and rainy.

Today I am working 2-8:30. I don't think I will be doing much tonight. I need to save money. Probably just watch a movie and relax.
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already did mine,
went shooting range this morning,
drug store.
now going to go cut some grass( at least the parts not underwater)
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We have gorgeous beach-weather! (Really, it's blazing hot.) But I'll be in front of a computer, processing data for my research... and moving things from one lab to another

On a happy note, the lab is air-conditioned.
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It is already hot here. We went grocery shopping early and will go to the pool later this afternoon. This evening, DH wants to barbeque hamburgers.
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I went to the gym this morning, and now am getting ready to go get my neice a birthday present as her party is tomorrow

Heading to my sisters for the night after that

Have a great Saturday everyone!
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Its hot here for May too 71F!! Mom, sis and I washed windows this am while Neil and Dad did some expansion of edging under a couple trees, After a quick lunch Mom, sis and I went to one of my clients house then plant shopping and a local greenhouse (about $400 worth-wholesale-yikes!!) Neil just finished mowing and dad is diggin gmy thousands of dandelions out manually (wow!!). Mom and sis waiting for the preakness to start. Hope to be grilling out with the firepit but its really windy outside.
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This morning my sister, her kids, and my mom all came over for some coffee/birthday cake (my sister's birthday was this week).

Then i spent a few hours applying to different jobs/etc.

In a few minutes i'm about to start drilling Fosters again on the SAR training. I'll probably spend a few hours with him working on the basic search and rescue drill stuff today. He's got to really work on the agility before we can move on to barrels and rubble piles so i'm going to drill him pretty hard today! He loves it!

Tonight my little nephew Cooper is going to come and spin the night with me and Colin. I'm going to make something yummy for dinner and we're going to watch a few movies.
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I've just been cleaning house today, nothing too exciting. I am making tacos tonight. Yum, yum! Apparently my husband's plan was to sleep all day as he JUST got up! Fittingly enough, we are planning to watch the movie The Science of Sleep tonight.

It's getting cloudy out...I am hoping for rain.
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hello everyone! today's been sooo boring! i made my partner some fairy cake's, & then i watched a movie!
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