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My mom was telling me that she had a cat named mittens an he could say momma.I didnt belive her so she showed me a type of one of her partys an mittens was at the screen door saying "momma"!Does any ones cat do that??Im so sad though because right before i was born she had to give mittens away.
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Seldon makes noises that sound like words to me. I do think it is possible.
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In youtube there are several videos of cats that can say mama. I think it's a type of meow.
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Scooter says "feed meeee!" when he gets up and wants his breakfast. I know they can't really hold a conversation or anything like that, but they can definitely make sounds that sound like words.
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Shark says 'ow!' quite a lot, and I always reply back to her 'Where does it hurt then Sharky?' It's so funny, even though I know she is actually meowing at me...
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