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Wednesday's Dt

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Good Morining all!I just heard our weather,we are going to chill down and get some snow next week!But just a little,thats Ny weather for you!icky,icky!!! Oh well it won;t stay.On to a nicer note,I hope everyone has a nice day.What is everyone going to do today?Me I don't know,Ted and I might have to take his mom to a mental hospital,she has agreeed to go,thank God! She hit a nurse and her roommate again yesterday.They moved her to another room,with a women who does not talk of get up,so she can;t say or do anything to make mom mad.I think if the hospital will let Ted take her she might go easier. Even though she thinks Ted & I are making her go because we don't want her around.Little does she know how true that is!Will keep updating!
God bless the USA,and support the troops!
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I have yet to sleep. I'm having difficulties sleeping lately. I haven't quite put my finger on what is causing my sleeplessness. Though, it may have something to do with the really strange dreams that have been plaguing me lately. You would think after walking a 1.5 miles to work, then working for 5 hours as a waitress in an extremely busy restaraunt, and then working out for an hour at the gym.. that I'd be tired. My body is exhausted. I just can't seem to sleep.

The weightloss (or fatloss as my trainer is trying to get me into saying) is coming along great! 2 weeks, and 3% body fat out the door! I'm anxious to get things underway as far as finishing school, and getting my car in operating condition again.

I hope everyone else will have a great day, I'll prolly end up yawning or sleeping it away. Grrr.

Sherral, I'm glad that your m-i-l has agreed to go to a mental hospital. Hopefully things will look up for you and Ted and her as well! I wish you the best of luck with that!

Somebody pleeease give me a sleeping pill!

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The dogs woke me up, at 4:30. HOW can anything be that energetic, at that hour? Of course, Rowdy wanted to play, too. Sensible cat, that he is, Opie opened one eye, gave everyone a disgusted look and went back to sleep. Wish I could have done that.

I have absolutely NOTHING to do today: the house is clean, I don't have enough laundry to make a load and the dishwasher is running last night's dinner dishes.

I just have to call my mother and remind her about Sam's baby shower, on Friday. That'll be a long night, for me: I have to drive 14 miles northwest, to pick up Mom. Then, we go 50 miles, southeast, to the shower. On top of that, with Mom in the car, I can't smoke!

Gas prices have dropped, about a dime a gallon. I'll top off the tank, tomorrow. We don't need to run out of gas, on I-10.

Warm and sunny, again. Hooray!!!
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Had a test for a different government job today - solid writing for 2 hours. It was long, but not difficult.

I saw my mom last night. She is running a fever and they think she is getting an infection.

I am about to go to lunch with my supervisor (the one who thinks he is an alien).

How am I supposed to watch a new West Wing, Batchlor and American Idol results show all at the same time tonight?

Cassandra - I can empatize with the insomnia - I get it all the time!

Sherral - good luck with the mother in law

Cindy - have fun at the shower

Have a great day!
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Happy Wednesday, y'all!

i guess i will be pretty busy today. One of my friends from Alabama, whom i met in New York, is visiting today.

She will be here for about a week with her teenage son. She is so sweet, and i adore her!

Even though she is about twice my age, we relate very well. It is only today that i learned that she is coming (it was her last minute decision.) i guess she was not aware of the ongoings in downtown San Francisco, as she will be staying there.

There are a lot of anti-war protestors there, and it is chaotic in downtown and the shopping area of Union Square.

i am trying to convince her to stay with me, as i feel she will be better taken care of -- hope she says "yes."

So busy today, gotta wash the car, do tons of laundry, go grocery shopping, etc. i got gasoline this morning, and at Costco, a membership discount store, it was $2.07 per gallon for REGULAR gas! Oh dear!! NOt too long ago, it was only $1.59 or something like that.

i am so excited about participating in my first cat show this weekend! Yesterday, i bought a bunch of stuff to prepare for the show, including another large carrier. Daisy got a new collar, and both kitties got a new packet of Solid Gold and some toys.

Feel like i am yapping too much ... teehee!

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REally slow day at work today. Yesterday I was slammed, today I'm looking for stuff to do. Go figure.

It's definitely spring in Colorado. Today it's in the 60s, tomorrow we're supposed to get up to 6 inches of snow, then back to the 50s by Saturday.

Hubby's pretty nervous today. The club he works at is changing the format of Wednesday nights to industrial/alternative/techno and it was pretty much his idea. He lined up the new DJs, friends from our Goth days, got the owners convinced that it will do better than the previous format. He really wants it to go well, since they are really showing a lot of trust in his ideas. I'll be going there tonight with a friend of mine since hubby will be working. I may be REALLY tired tomorrow, but it should be fun.
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Ted's mom went to a mental hospital today!! Finely,now maybe they can get her on the right med's.!They don't want us to come visit her for a couple of day's,which is not brothering us one bit! We need a couple of day's peace!.
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woohoo Sherral! I'm glad it went well.

I got my hair cut and straightened yesterday so today it's soft and straight. Maintenance-free until my next shampoo! I only get him to blow dry and iron it, so it only lasts one wash. One day I will get that permanent new thing done to it. Hopefully I will be their tester and I won't have to pay for it. I can lost my curls for once in my life right? I'm young...

I have to work today from 3-10. it's work so I should be happy, but it's such a nice day outside, I don't want to leave. Roo jumped into the bed as soon as the alarm went off and snuggled right under my chin for a nap, aww! So I didn't leave for an extra half an hour! I wish he would do that all the time, wait, no I don't, but I kinda do, hee hee. If I have time for it. :tounge2:

ok, I hope you all have a great day!
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