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Vibes for Lena

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I'm worried. I took Lena to the vet today. Her appetite has decreased over the past couple of weeks, and she's sneezing every once in awhile, she's lethargic, stays in the closet, and is definitely losing weight.

The vet (I had him as a vet for my other two cats back in the 80's and 90's) took blood and I'll call him tomorrow for the results. He checked for fluid on her belly, and found none, but is still most worried about FIP. She had a fever of 105.

She's also pretty dehydrated, and had peed in the tub - her urine was really dark yellow. She was very accomodating and peed on the table during the exam. He took a couple of syringes and got some samples of that.

He also gave me a 7 day supply of antibiotics (Clavamox), and 3 cans of a special food he wanted me to get her to eat. She's taken some of it. I have her closed up quietly in the dressing room/bathroom area, with food and water in there, and Larry can't figure out what the heck is going on. I have the main litterbox out in the rest of the apartment and I just want to keep her quiet. He tends to torment her and try to get her to play and she'll have none of that.

She just seems so little and fragile. And she has lost weight. She weights a little under 6 pounds.

I'm very nervous about hearing the results, but I've read through the thread that "aircraft" started about her cat, Max.

I'm hoping for the best.
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Oh no...poor thing! Praying for Lena that it's nothing serious, especially not FIP!!

Keep us updated.
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I hope your Cat will be ok. I loss Yoshi in jan and they think it was Dry Fip. Then Meeko got a almost 105 fever and would not move or eat or drink. She is fine now.
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Sending lots of vibes for Lena!
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Thanks. Fingers crossed.

Forgot to mention the vet also gave her some subcutaneous fluids.
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No matter what the original illness may be, please make sure that Lena eats. If she won't you have to force feed her. If force feeding isn't easy and too stressful then make sure to get a feeding tube placed.

Having lost weight she is at risk for hepatic lipidosis which must be treated very aggressively from the first signs. I lost my kitty to it, but there are several very nice success stories here. Imunsie's Kismet is one.

Lots of vibes for nothing more serious than a bad cat flu and that Lena is feeling much better after fluids and antibiotics.

Please keep us posted
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Sending so many vibes for your baby girl to be ok
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sending healing & for Lena...
the sub-q fluids should perk her up a bit - i know they did for Cable.
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