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Need Help Not Sure What Is Wrong With My Buddy

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Hi all,

Some of you know me and by buddy "Pickles" He is about 13 I believe. I have posted on here before about his condition, He has/had Squamous Cell Carcinoma, a few years back and recently had a Vaccine related sarcoma removed from his side back in November. If you do a search and type in Squamous Cell you can read "Pickles" story. Ok so he has been acting weird, sleeping alot, not really eating too much, and I am guessing not using the litter box alot in the past couple of days. He is also now hiding under my daughters bed, which is really out of character for him, we can barely get him to come out, even when offering treats. He is also on special cat food for renal problems. Now I am not sure if he is just sick or upset my husband has been away for 5 days. For the entire time my husband was away he has been acting odd. He usually sleeps with me, but didn't. I am not sure what to do (yes I know I need to take him to the vet). I am just wondering could his sleeping alot and his sudden change in eating and the hiding be his way of telling me that it's his time. I so not want it to be but I don't want him to suffer he has been through way too much. Not sure what the signs are for Renal Failure. Should I give it a day to see if its just he was upset. Any advice you can share would be greatly appreciate.

Thanks so much.
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It might be the Cancer causing him to act that way. My Friends Cat got Cancer from a Rabies Shot and had Chemo.
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Thanks, he didn't do the chemo (they didn't think that would really help back when they found the squamous cell), they told us after his recent surgery in November the one where it was a rabies related one that they weren't sure if they got it all something about margins. I just don't know what to do. I am hoping he is just having a bad day and bounces back, but my heart is telling me otherwise. I am hoping he jumps in bed tonite with me, then maybe it was my husband not being around. Thanks so much for giving me something to consider.
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I hope he will be ok.
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Lots and lots of vibes for Pickles!

How is he today?
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Pickles is pretty much the same, isn't interested in his treats, still hiding, sleeping, maybe he just has a bug. Gonna wait till sometime early next week, then probably take him into the vet. I know in my heart it may be his time. But still holding out hope. Thanks for the vibes, will let you all know.
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Hi all, Well we decided to take Pickles To the Emergency Vet tonite. The Angel Memorial Hospital in Boston MA. He to me just didn't seem to be doing any better. We even tried tuna fish. Well they said that they didn't feel he had a blockage. which I am hoping is a good thing. They did say his renal levels were moderated elevated, but he could have an infection, that is causing him too feel icky. They thought the best way to try to figure it out was to keep him tonite and maybe till Tuesday. They are going to run tests on his blood, urine, etc. Give him an antibiotic, and do an x-ray with a possible ultrasound, to see what could be possibly going on with him. He has just been through so much with both bouts of Cancer. They said he could also have stones, which is treatable. He was dehydrated, so I am glad we didn't wait. I know he is in good hands, and I am just hoping he bounces back. I know he is older being 13 or 14 (thats how long he has been with us). I just don't want to see him in any pain. I am hoping he comes back home to being his old self. If you could keep him in your thoughts I would appreciate it. I actually thought I was going to lose him ( I know that may still be a possiblilty, but hope not, I never cried so much today). Well thats it for now. Thanks for the vibes. I will let you know once I hear something. Take Care, and Thank You!!1
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Prayers for him. Coco had Bladder Stones when she was 14 and we gave her S/D for over a month and they went away. I hope its not Kidney Stones because my Yoshi had them and they could not be removed. He was only 5 when I had to ahve him Pts last Jan. They think he ha dry Fip too. If your Cat has Bladder Stones and it the kind coco had they can go away. I hope he feels better.
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Thanks, is S/D Science Diet Food, he has been on a special food for his renal problem, but he only likes the dry food, not the wet so much, am wonder if I will need to switch (hope that is only one issue), also sorry to hear about your kitty. What is fip? Will let you know once I find out what they say. Now if it is Kidney Stones, will they tell me I need to let him go. I am so nervous, upset. he has been through way too much. Any in sight you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I was told with Yoshi he had 6 Months to 2 Years. He lasted 8 Months. He had over 10 Stones in each Kidney. Fip is Feline infectious peritonitis. It was never proven Yoshi had that. There are two types of Bladder Stones. One kind S/D will help sometimes. The other kind requires Surgery. I would take him to teh Vet for sure. My Cats did that when they were Sick. Coco eats Dry C/D and some Cans. She isnt on S/D anymore. Thanks I tried everything with Yoshi before he was Pts. He would not eat and was down to 5.2 Pounds from 14 Pounds. The Vet said he looked older then Coco and she was almost 16 then. The S/D is Science Diet for Bladder Stones. Coco has had Bladder Utrasounds. They show alot. I lost Stormy to Kidney Failure On Dec 5th. I also had a Cat with Crf and she was on K/D for it. It coul be your cats Kidneys getting worse. I know how scared you are and letting him go is hard. Antibiotics might help him. If you ever need to talk just Pm.
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