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Oh boy, where do I start? Oh yes, waiting for the bus home. I was at the mall sitting in the shelter to get home, and suddenly I'm hearing all of these people on the sidewalk going "awww! Look at all of them, they're so cute!"

And what comes around the corner, in the middle of the road, but a momma duck and her eleven fluffy, tiny kids. The ducks suddenly appear out of nowhere it seems, and momma's quacking to her babies to hurry up because there's a van waiting for them to cross, not to mention a few buses. A few of us, including me decide to herd the ducks out of harm's way ....

Because there is no way they should be in a freaking parking lot with hundreds of cars pulling out, not to mention buses, people, and all manner of humanity. But the mother was very distressed also and she led her babies up to the sidewalk ... The babies were so clumsy/cute/adorable, trying to hop up to the curb! Well anyway, last I heard someone was calling the humane society.

I just hope the poor momma and her babies get some peace, she was really frazzled and she just wanted to find water. How she got that far from the river in the first place with her kids, we'll never know. But I think she was asking for directions. The babies, dear lord were they ever adorable. I really wish I'd gotten pictures!
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Hope the family is safely enjoying a water home.
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Awwww that would have been a sight to see
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Aw, there will always be a way to "Make Room for Ducklings!" (by Robert McCloskey).
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Awww, they're cute huh??? I just love ducklings!!!
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awww hmm could i keep a duck in my bath tub with out the SO ever noticing
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I know EXACTLY what you're talking about!!! When ducklings are that small they don't quack, they peep!! I helped a mama duck and babies cross a busy road once - out there in traffic waving a tee-shirt trying to get people to stop... I coulda been killed!! And the mom was hissing and snapping at me.. then she realized I was helping and began to herd the brood X the road. The babies couldn't get up over the curbstone, so here i am scooping them with my hands, up and over as fast as I could. Sheesh!!
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Last week on one of my walks, I followed a hike-and-bike path along a creek that went under a road bridge at one point, and in the shallow water under the bridge was the prettiest little mallard family, mom and dad and four babies. I have this habit of singing to myself as I walk (so long as there's no one around to hear, of course), and I was in the middle of "You Can Call Me Al" when I stopped to watch the ducks. Mom and Dad duck were alarmed and paddled away -- but the babies came closer to me, clustering just below the railing where I stood, as if they liked the song! They were so cute, and I promised to bring them some bread next time. I love ducks!
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Aww! Ducklings are so sweet! I love their little peeping noises instead of adorable!
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