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Rosie, Sophie and Jack!!!!

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At long last, here's an overload of the kids! :

Karen(Abbysmom) sent me a parcel over and she put some of Abby's fur inside, so this was their reaction.

It stuck to Jack's nose!!

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Tell everyone about your day Rosie!

Time for a roll around

Until your little brother comes and spoils it

Mwah, mwah, mwah

Now kiss me back!

Yes Jack, your gorgeous!
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This isn't my best side mum!

This is


It's a hard life relaxing in the sunshine!

Time for some t.v.

Jack, as usual up to mischief!

My pretty girl Sophie


I bought some flowers tonight and Sophie went crackers over them like it was catnip!

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they are all so cute!clap for the cuteness
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awwww they are very adorable :-)
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Your cats are so gorgeous!! I just wanna rub those sweet bellies!!
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They are all soooo cute!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post

This picture just totally cracked me up!!

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I have to say, I absolutely ADORE Rosie! All of your cats are beautiful but Rosie just has the cutest, most outgoing photo personality I think I've ever seen in a cat. LOVE her!
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Thank you for the Rosie, Sophie and Jack fix Susan.

The picture of the kids checking out Abby's fur cracked me up.
When it was stuck on Jack nose I could not stop laughing.

What do you think Abby?
Pretty funny, huh?
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So Abby is stuck on Jack, huh....

So nice of you to buy flowers for Miss Sophie.
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heeh what rosie is trying out for playboy,, tell her she is to young for that.
heh loved the pics
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What a great series of photos, Susan!!! Rosie is a hoot and Jack is gorgeous we know the way to Sophie's heart!!!
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Abby's hair on Jacks nose

Great pics susan, Sophie is a little lady isn't she Please kiss those little colored paws of Rosie's I just love them
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jack is like a bigger verson of chance with ut the pink nose!He's so cute!Rosie has the most pretty coat i've seen!Sophie looks so soft!you are lucky to have them babys!
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Those pics are all great
I love Jack in the kitchen that little bad boy
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I love the new pics! I cannot believe how big Jack is now, and his tail is so thick!

Why did Karen send you a furball?
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Jack & Rosie are hilarious together Susan!

Do you not have enough cat hair at your house that Karen & Abby felt the need to share some?
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I love them all!

But this one has to be my absolute favourite!

I just love your kitties and missed seeing them.
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Rosie, Sophie, and Jack, your precious loves! Rosie, you just crack me up every time Her personality just shines through in every photo, Susan! Sophie, you're such a beautiful little girl! I can't believe how much Jack has grown! He's so gorgeous! These are all so fantastic, Susan! Thank you!
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Thanks for the R,S & J fix.....I was beginning to go through withdrawls....

I LOVE your babies! Rosie just cracks me up, every time I see her picture!
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that pic of rosie is the best ever! she has such an expressive little face, i just love her!

your little fur family has a huge fan base on here, i think we would all like to be honorary catparents to them!
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YAY!!! Rosie, Sophie and Jack!!!

I've been missing their photos!!!
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That's so funny how they all had to sniff out Miss Abby. Rosie was your star show-off for this photo session.
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I never get tired of seeing Rosie with her mouth wide open!! Cuties, all three of them!
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Awww Susan, they are wonderful as usual!

Jack is such a little character isn't he? I just adore Rosie I miss having a kitty that talks to me.
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Wonderful pictures as usual. I never get tired of seeing them! Love'em all!! Lil Jack has beautiful coloring!!
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I just love seeing new pics of your trio.

Please give them scritches from me and headbutts from their American cousins!

From Ginger:
From Ferris:
From Penny:
From Max:
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Awwwwww.... That is so cute the way they were checking out Abby's fur.

I love Rosie's fluffy tummy.
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