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Major cuteness overload...

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They are over 5.5 weeks now

Miss Bean

The only boy and the one i'm probably keeping Guava I seriously sigh every time I look at him he is so darned cute.

Clementine another adorable little girl she has some very interesting coloring including a cream patch under her eye

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Peanut the longhair brown tabby girl she is harder to get pictures of than the others

Pumpkin is very hard to take pictures of because she has so much white

All together

Guava squishing Peanut and swatting Bean

Peanut and Bean

My dog wanting to cuddle with them.

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They are all so cute! I'm absolutely in love with Bean
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You took a great family portrait! Wanna come over and get my two to sit still in the same place and look at the camera at the same time?

The kittens are very cute! I can't believe how big they are already! The dog is adorable as well!
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Look at those precious little babies

This pic is so funny and so cute

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AWWWW, what precious darlings!!!! Guava is so adorable, they ALL are!! Miss Bean has a "boxy" muzzle like my JC did at that age - could there have been a Maine Coon in the woodpile??
The group pics are sooo precious, and with their dedicated doggy faithfully guarding her babies
Cuteness overload, all right
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Awwww look at those adorable little babies. So precious.
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Oh my They are precious Love the pics with the dog
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How adorable! What little beauties!
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Oh wow, they are all so cute! They get cuter every week!

Bean looks so full of mischief! She looks like a little troublemaker. I want to bring her home so that she can destroy all of my stuff!

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