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Littermaid vs. Scoop Free

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We have currently been using a Scoop Free litter box for our two year old Persian, and it's been working out great for the most part. I like that the litter is crystals and not dusty, plus it's a pretty color and doesn't look awful in the living room. However, it lasts for 3-4 weeks which is great, but the poop receptacle starts to STINK. I looked in there after three weeks and the poop was moldy and the smell almost knocked me out. Every time it scoops the new poop into the receptacle it lifts up the lid causing the smell to come out, and you can't really manually scoop it out. Plus the cartridges are expensive. I've heard the littermaid puts the poop into bags that you can throw out as often as you want, but the motor dies pretty quickly. Does anyone use either of these or have used both?
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Um, nope, but I have this automatic litterbox http://www.litter-robot.com/ and it only uses regular kitchen trash bags and whatever kind of scoopable litter you want to use.

It also has a return period if you can't convince your cat to use it (plus tips on how to get them to use it) where you only pay the shipping to send it back, and an 18 month warranty. I love this litterbox! And I have a $50 off coupon code for it if you want (makes the "new in the box" LitterRobot only $10 more than a reconditioned unit ). I will also pm you the website for litterboxes, if you would like to see what your options are .

Good luck!
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i have 4 littermaids - 1 basic, 1 mega & 2 elite.
i like the basic the best - it's also the oldest one, & it runs/scoops/etc better than any of the others.
the 'proper' way to use the box is to throw out the receptacle when full & replace w/a new one. i actually line mine w/4 gallon garbage bags, so that i can re-use the receptacles. i don't throw them out untl they start splitting.
when i next need to replace a box or boxes, tho, i'm going to get the litter robot.
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Hi Kiwi,

I too faced the same problem you did. The solution for me was to switch to a permanent cartridge. This is basically a plastic cartridge to replace the paper ones. With the plastic cartridge you can easily lift up the waste container and scoop out the wastes.

The model of plastic cartridge I use has a floating hinge for the top of the waste trap so I just lift up the purple top and slide it right off. Then I use a litter scoop and remove anything that smells bad. This greatly reduces the smell (I do this twice a week but my kitty is stinky). When I clean out the waste, I also stir the crystals a bit. I find that it can reduce urine smells better if I stir it occasionally (especially if you cat always pees in the same place which could overwhelm the crystals in that area).

With the plastic cartridge you can just buy bags of Fresh Step Crystals and use those instead of buying those expensive cartridges.
I got the plastic cartridge from http://www.prmotorsports.com/forevertrays/. I recommend these over the PermaScoop cartridges.
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Do you have any opinion over which permanent tray is best: Forevertray or Permatray?

1 of my cats likes to dig in the litter before #2. How deep is the tray? Do any of your cats like to dig?
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I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I prefer the forever trays personally because it's easier to remove solid wastes (since it has that floating hinge) but the permascoop trays are constructed more professionally (nicer finish).

The trays are the same depth as the cardboard catridges so it isn't very deep. One of my cats is a digger also but she stops when she hits the bottom. With both #1 and #2 it's fine if they do their business at the bottom as long as they cover it up. Nothing really sticks to the trays and the scoopfree rakes reach all the way to the bottom so #2 is fine and #1 will get absorbed by the crystal litter (although stirring it a bit once in a while helps if your cat like mine always uses the same exact spot).
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I've ordered both the Forever tray and the Permascoop tray. The Forever tray was heavier and worked pretty good until I cracked the lid on it. As for permascoop, I will not be ordering from them again. I ordered a Permascoop tray and a PermION from them and I never received the PermION. They ignored my emails again and again and their phone was disconnected. I plan on avoid them and sticking with Forever Trays.
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